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Celebrating the launch of the community


You can’t know quite how happy I am to celebrate the fact that you are here to read this post. I will be eternally grateful to those fellow members who have agreed to help launch and test this site.

I had planned a big celebration and bought a couple of special bottles … but in the end I’ve not had the time to do them justice. One of them was this little gem I found when exploring reviews on the site:

However, to bide my time I’m enjoying a cheeky ‘benchmark’ wine which went well with the beef curry that I “made” (read: we heated in the oven while getting kids to bed and working). Surprisingly gluggable!

Let me know what you are enjoying on this historic night, and I promise I will share my full list of proper celebratory wines shortly.

In any case, I raise my glass to all of you in thanks.

Welcome all! Slainte!!


My latest celebratory discovery is the Herenzia Altes Garnatxa Blanca 2015, which slips down only too easily!


Hooray, so glad to see the Community up and running! :sparkles:

I have to admit I had a fairly chilled night of ‘celebrations’ too - I stuffed some chicken breasts with cream cheese, garlic, onion and chives from the garden, sliced up some butternut squash chips and sprinkled them with paprika, shoved it all in the oven and served it alongside this little gem I discovered in our Summer Savings offer:

Gluggable indeed! Really went deliciously well with dinner.

@malbecmaverick, I haven’t tried that Spanish white, it sounds delicious and very refreshing! A good one with seafood?