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CDA Wine Storage

Anyone got any views on this CDA wine storage/fridge?


Seems competitive when compared with Swisscave and is A rated for Energy. 5 year warranty too.

I’d prefer wine storage with sliding shelves rather than those where you stack 3 of 4 rows on top of each other as per the Climadiff or Liebherr ones as that make it harder to find the wine.

Let me know what you think.

Accessing the bottles is easier with sliding shelves, but overall cabinet capacity is greatly reduced. So you decide if capacity or accessibility is more important.

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Not used a CSA cabinet but my initial impression is exactly what @PaulM has said. Multiple shelves results in convenient access but much lower capacity for the volume.

Also worth considering where you are going to put it. If you’re planning on the popular choice of the garage you need to ensure it can deal with low ambient temperatures, many can’t.

Also I didn’t see a price for it so can’t comment on the value.

Thanks @MikeFranklin @PaulM
Ease of access is definitely important for me as I never have more than 6 bottles of any one wine and usually 2 or 3 so I need to be able to find them. It will be kept in the house to store our better bottles so no real worries about ambient temperature.


Friends of ours have CDA appliances and all run without a problem. So no issues I would expect versus other brands

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Hi, I have a ‘La Sommelier’ which holds 288 bottles and is excellent. The back of the door is like a blackboard so you can write or attach wine details for each shelf. For me capacity within the footprint of the unit was most important, and the unit I bought was the best of all the brands I researched. Geoff