Cavas de Weinert - price rises

This is one of my all-time favourite wines, and to my mind has always been great value, if less so more recently. However the latest vintage is beginning to push that line.

Back in 2010 my wine history tells me the 2003 cost £8.95 a bottle. I think I got the last bottle of 2006 @ £16 (I tried to buy more but couldn’t!) and see that the 2007 that replaced it is now £20.

I know there are a few people who love the Weinert wines, and there is still some amazing value in the range, but interested to know why this one has gone up so steeply. It can’t just be the value of the £ here?

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Yes I’ve noticed the steady price rises (not just Weinert but also Mendel has steadily risen). I wrote to TWS about this about a year ago when I noticed a lot of wines especially S American rose in prices and they said it was due to our weakening currency and had tried to put off passing the cost onto members for a while.

It’s a shame because they’re great wines but £20 puts it in a different catergory. I’d buy this wine at £10-£15 but I don’t think I’d buy it again now at £20.

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Agreed. £20 or more is definitely into ‘special occasion only’ territory for me, and at that price point there are a lot of other wines I’ll be looking to try. Time to find a new favourite at the c. £15 mark…


We’ve showed it at the two American Dream tastings this week. As it is such a polarising wine we’ve been asking members whether they liked it or loathed it. Tonight the votes were 47 likes to 35 loathes. It was a similar ratio in London on Monday where a number said they liked it but not enough to pay £20 for it. There were some who loved it so much they should have been paying council tax for the amount of time they spent at that one table. Will be interesting to see sales for it at the end of the week.


I can understand there are a few good reasons why people might not like it, but really interesting to see just how evenly split the audience is.

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