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Cast Iron Casserole


Yes, the pressure cooker makes things a lot easier - can pull stuff straight out of the freezer and as long as you sear the meat sufficiently most recipes work.

Would still use cast iron in the oven for cassoulet though.


Thanks (and @szaki1974),

The butcher I was in didn’t want to strip his joints of rind (and I required it immediately), which is why he charged the price he did. I was in no position to argue, but will go to Morrisons first next time.


Use my Le Creuset, amongst other things, for baking bread…

Creates a dutch oven like effect.


My local T K Maxx has had a range of Crueset cookware for some months.

Hasn’t stopped an official Le Crueset shop opening nearby tho’


Le Creuset used to be very affordable many years ago. They seem to have re-positioned the brand into the luxury goods sector. We bought the biggest LeC cast iron casserole we could get way back then, and I’m very glad we did. Its only downside (apart from the weight) is the shelf space it occupies.


One of our friends had their corner cupboard slidey, pull-out thing ruined by their enormous wedding-present Le Creuset