Case in point

I bought four cases of wine for Christmas, three presents and one for me. The latter reminded me how much I enjoy Minervois Chateau St. Eulalie - all already gone! Have also discovered Malabarista Tempranillo Garnacha Navarra 2013, definitely one to repeat, and Syrah-Viognier Pays d’Oc Lorgeril 2016, another goodie. And I look forward to hearing how well the presents go down!

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I kept meaning to buy some of that. Only tasted it once but was delicious! What do you like to drink it with?

And when did these three cases arrive that you’ve already finished them???

I drank it with steak, sprouts and McCain’s crinkle cut chips! And re the other three cases, they’re FROM me, not to me. Hrrrmph!

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Doh! Sorry, I guess my brain couldn’t process the idea of buying 4 cases and only keeping 1 :wink: