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Carrier delivery

For the 3rd time recently I have a problem with DHL, the Society’s carrier.
I would normally specify the Society’s own van as the driver is terrific in leaving wine where I specify. Recently I’m not being offered the Society’s van service within a week so have to select the carrier option.
Three times they have left boxes on my very visible front door step in boxes clearly labelled “Wine Society”. Once they delivered a day early when I knew I’d be away so came home in the evening to discover them on the doorstep. The other two times they have failed to knock or ring the bell.
I reported this to Member Services in the past but no improvement.
If I need wine sooner than the Society’s van can reach me I’ll be ordering my wine elsewhere.

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But don’t all other merchants use carriers? What do you gain?

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For me the issue of 3rd party carriers vs TWS own vans is that the delivery slot is sometimes postponed by the former, usually at the last minute, when there has been a need for someone to hang around - often all day - for the slot to be honoured; and, if postponed til the next day, not that convenient, to put it mildly. TWS own vans have always delivered on the appointed slot. If the slots are cast-iron guaranteed I don’t mind who brings it.

Just saying, that’s all, if anyone in TWS management is reading this

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Yes but I’ve never had the problem with other carriers.

Out of interest have you registered the issue with DHL or even set up an account to record your safe place? Appreciate TWS is the merchant but if there is an issue with DHL driver near you perhaps DHL need to know about it.


I know this may not be practical for some people, but another option would be to order your wine more than a week in advance to allow time to wait for the Society van. I don’t order wine from TWS for immediate consumption and just go with the next available Society van delivery.


For the first time ever in 20+ years, a society van wasnt an option however far in advance I looked, when i placed an order on Friday.

It’s scheduled for a day I will be in and wevhave a Ring doorbell so not anticipatimg any issues but was surprised no van option on any day.

I sympathise…I wouldn’t use DHL to deliver a doorstop. My own experiences are worse than yours…

Yes, others use carriers, probably not DHL.

That’s surprising. I wonder if they have cut some routes? Perhaps the driver shortage is not only affecting HGVs but is trickling down to van drivers too.

Me too. However, I have had at least one occasion where the delivery has been switched to DHL at the last minute without any prior notification. It ‘disappeared’…

They use better ones. You gain a lot by not using DHL.

I think DHL is very area dependent, I’ve never had an issue but some members have repeated issues.

Interesting survey here on the different carriers: Best And Worst Delivery Companies - Which?

Living in Surrey commuter land I’ve probably benefitted from being in a prime delivery area. Currently trying to move to Yorkshire so perhaps my experience will change! I hope not.

My DHL driver has been consistently efficient and pleasant, usually arriving a bit before his slot.

His instructions are to place the parcel on the door-step, ring the door bell, take a photograph and go. It is not his fault that he is obeying company instructions.
I often hear the van door and manage to open the front door before he has put my box on the doorstep. He hands it to me to save me bending down and he said when taking the photograph that he isn’t allowed to get my face in it but I suggested that my sandalled feet may be okay!

I long ago gave up the TWS driver as he made a series of mistakes which I won’t go into here. All the carriers I have had since then have been better although of course, in these strange times, there will always be unexpected problems.

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