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Carluccio's Conundrum


Obviously the classic pair of Feudi di San Gregorio and Terredora. Probably more interesting Caggiano, Pietranera, Colli di Lapio… All of these make standard and special cuvées.

The king is of course Guido Marsella, whose wines age well over ten years, but he’s only available via Caves de Pyrène.


Thanks, @suiko! That’s plenty to explore. Interestingly, I had a couple of Terradora’s wines before (the Greco di Tufo and Falanghina) - both very good, but haven’t come across their Fiano. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. I will now! :slight_smile:


Terredora are a big producer and probably not the most interesting. But they are widely available, and would give you an idea. The Society sometimes have some of the smaller producers too, but not regularly - bit sad considering the number of much less interesting Chardonnays and Sauvignons they stock!


Terredora is the result of a split of the Mastroberardino family in Campania after a family feud, the original winery is famous for Taurasi, Terredora is the biggest winery in Campania with about 200 hectares under vine.


and the original more interesting winery…



The Pepoli Greco Fiano by Vigneti del Vulture in Basilicata is worth a punt. TWS also stock Fiano Mandrarossa which is excellent value for money. There are lots of really good well crafted fresh whites coming out of Italy now and it’s good to have recommendations through threads such as this. :smile:


I agree!

My favourites seem to come from the cooler parts (Alto Adige and Friuli), but there certainly seem to be some very exciting whites coming out of Italy as a whole. Sardinia and Sicily are also of great interest… :slight_smile:


Not before time for years they have been uninspiring to say the least, or the ones sold here have been, I made the point about Verdicchio before, some great ones in Italy but not sold here, though the WS do sell a half bottle of Bucci who is one of the best in that area with several cuvees, the reserva is very good.


Alto Adige certainly isn’t always “ccol” - a wine from high up on Etna or perhaps from inland Campania may be from a much cooler region than one from the baking Rotaliano plain or the lower vineyards around Tramin or Kaltern! Altitude often plays at least as important a role as latitude.

Verdicchio is long underrrated and my fave for sheer VFM - though of course it isn’t always called verdicchio :slight_smile: Never been convinced by Bucci on the few occasions I’ve had it - maybe should try again. Soave is of course equally unfashionable and also usually a good bet these days.


Picked this up in Morrisons, strange place for wine but you never know, anyway it is from the Bari area in the South of Italy and is one of their numerous rare grapes Verdeca, new to me but we will see later if it lives up to the silver medal it has been awarded or is just another oddity !

sorry for the quality it was taken from Morrisons web site, whether that says something in advance ???


Well, that jackal looks like he wants to have some…! :wink:
Looking at the website it sounds rather interesting! And a couple good reviews, too! Let us know what you think…


Sadly Antonio Carluccio passed away last year and apart from PR roles at openings of the chain has had little to do with its day to day operation in recent years. As for the wines on offer, stick with the Wine Society! However have a look at Aldi the post christmas pudding wines have been marked down …as has the small batch Gin!


Had a bit of Verdeca in Lecce last August (even I found it a bit warm for primitivo and negroamaro!) Not a very interesting grape in my book - Puglia certainly the least interesting area of S Italy for whites.


Just noticed this thread, I’m guessing that you bought from the Brighton branch, I noticed a while ago that their wines are stored standing up with the Brunello and Barolo located directly over the hot plate which they use for toasted sandwiches, toyed with the idea of telling them but just decided to steer clear.


Oooh! that’s interesting (if rather disconcerting! :roll_eyes:)… yes, it was the Brighton branch, though the two I bought felt OK temperature-wise.

I will definitely report back once I tried them!