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Cardboard boxes



I’m pretty new to the Community - have read a bit over the last month or so and did infact post in the spiral cellar chat of a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t say hello then.

So, hallo.

I’m no wine expert, but know what I like when I drink it. I travel a bit for work and pleasure, always bringing back a few bottles, usually in foam board boxes I’ve made specially to put into checked luggage when flying. Never had a breakage in over 10 years, and happily still opening some nice bottles from South Africa bought when working there in 2008, (Boekenhoutskloof 2005 SB & Syrah especially: what a joy) plus from Morocco, Italy, the US & more recently Austria.

But for now I just wanted to see what others thought about the Society’s boxes. Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I think they are fab: strong, tough, etc, so much so that it pains me to fold them up with the recycling. I’ve said as much when placing an order over the phone, and even emailed someone at the Society (not sure who) a year or two back. No response.

Surely there’s some way of recycling them through the Society’s van? OK, maybe not on its first drop of the day when full, but as the day progresses . . . . why not ?

No doubt there are many reasons why this is not that easy, but surely it’s not a bad idea? How many boxes leave Stevenage each week that could do so again another time?


Welcome to the community, @CRW6! :grinning:

I always give my empty boxes to the Society’s van driver when I have a delivery - and he always happily takes them. I assume they end up back in Stevenage, though never really thought to ask him… :thinking:

It’s worth asking the WS driver when you next have a delivery, perhaps?


If you are going to move as we still hope to ! They find a place stacked ready in the garage, amazingly the old Tesco s Direct from some years back were even better.


I tend to build up a collection of TWS boxes over a period of about a year and then fold them up and return to the society’s van driver on my next delivery date. If the boxes are folded flat they take up next to no room on the van even for the first delivery of the day - my delivery usually is his first of the day and generally occurs at about 7 am!
TWs doesn’t seem to shout about their recycling but I always understood that the society is happy to accept boxes and reuse them.


Thanks for the welcome, Inbar, and for your info on your Society van driver taking boxes. Thanks to David the Chemist too. My driver will be visiting on Monday, so I shall see what he says about more cardboard going the back.

I’m wondering if the Society does actually have a re-use policy, or is it something that gets in the way of the despatch process. Do any of the WS staff in the Community know about this? And out of sheer curiosity, any idea as to how many cases leave each day? Roughly . . .


Just a thought on the boxes. I have just taken delivery of 12 bottles of claret which I will drink over the next 5 years.

Beacuse they are packed upright in the WS box it means that it isn’t any use for putting in the cupboard.

Would be lovely if the wine was packed horizontally so they could be put away in the WS packaging.

Dont know how practical this would be. Just thought it would be nice…


We certainly have a policy of taking back boxes to be recycled, yes! :slight_smile: You can give them back to your driver when they arrive - I think we recycle rather than re-use them, generally.

No idea about the number of cases off the top of my head! :smile: I’ll try and find out for you next week…


Thanks Laura. I did mean re-using the boxes. They seem in such good condition after one journey, so it does seem a shame to send them on their way to the pulper so soon. But of course it would be interesting to what difference returning a few among the however-many-go-out-a-day would make.
Oh, rugby is starting . . . .


I’ve had a couple of boxes with previous orders that have looked quite reused, which makes me happy to see. I’d like to think reusing good condition boxes where possible would be standard practice


Lay the boxes on their sides! When the boxes are full the bottles are held quite securely especially when all the bottles are identical . It’s a simple job to turn the bottles so that the labels are uppermost when the box is on its side.


Yeah it’s fine when they are full and sealed. Unfortunately I don’t have the will power to leave them alone. Just. One. Bottle…


You could get the labels all pointing one way so they’d be uppermost when the box is on its side. But before turning the box, tape the lid closed securely with gaffer/duct tape (brown tape can loose its stickiness after a while). Then with the box on the correct side, cut a flap in the new top, big enough to get a bottle out, but not so big as to lose the rigidity in that side. Then work your way through the bottles, through the hole, as it were.


The Society’s own boxes are indeed super - and I have in the past returned one (the bottom pushed out, folded flat - I hope that is ok) when the next order arrives; the driver seemed entirely happy with that. I have usually received the producer’s box however, which is not re-usable nor usually very good.
It is tempting to order 11 bottles you really want and one a bit different just to get a proper IECWS ‘case’. As if I would!


The boxes are sturdy, but I think some decent tape should be used to seal them, last order had 1 thin piece of sellotape or similar, and the box was delivered open. All wine in order.


I generally buy full boxes so receive few TSW boxes and those I recycle locally. On reading this thread I am happy with that practice as it appears re-use isn’t an option and it saves return transport.
For storage, I do like some of the Rhône boxes such as Ch Valcombe and St Esteve which are similar to a claret wood box shape. I find them easy to move, stack and they store the wine lying down with top opening.