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Can you transfer wines in bond from the society’s reserves to another bonded warehouse?



Just out of interest, Does the Society allow you to transfer wines in bond from the society’s reserves to another bonded warehouse?


If you contact member services they will be able to let you know . :wink:


Yes, you can transfer your bonded stuff, just instruct member services in an email with all the detail.


Although why you’d want to… most would like the opposite!


You’re quite right! I was more interested in finding out for a future proofing purposes though. I like to have options.


Very sensible!


I’ve yet to encounter a cheaper storage rate than the society especially if paid by by direct debit.

I’d assumed it was an a plan to realise the market value of a generous haul of monvigliero and roumier


I wish! One day. When I’m big!


I do this regularly from TWS to L&W reserves as they allow single bottle withdrawals; that means I only need to pay the duty and VAT as and when I drink a bottle (not possible with TWS)


That is very useful to know! I have some wine with Lay and Wheeler and I will definitely be making use of this fact. Thank you!


Just one thing to bear in mind - there is an extra charge for in-bond transfers - GBP15 per delivery if I recall correctly.


Good to know transfer to L&W is possible… quite tempted to do this now for the same reason stated. It’s a shame TWS don’t allow single bottle withdrawals…


It might be something they would consider if asked often enough - the idea being not to lower the minimum delivery size for a mixed case from 12 to 1 but rather to allow that mixed case to include wines broken out from bonded cases.

I would be happy to pay on a sliding scale for all or some of the following:

  1. the ability to break a bonded case into smaller parcels
  2. the ability to withdraw any number of wines from reserves (not just a case as bought or mixed 12)
  3. the ability to withdraw a mixed case of 12 that contains more than 4 different wines