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Can you guess the barrels...?



I’m just going to leave this here and see if anyone can guess which barrels may have been used to brew this Liberator and Northern Monk collaboration beer. There’s a whacking great clue in the description so see if you can spot it :wink:


Meerlust perchance?


I’m with @Oldandintheway- Meerlust Rubicon? (Clue is, perhaps, “here’s the Rub”)?


“Here’s the Rub: icon-ic though this estate is…”


Worth mentioning that I have tried this ale :slight_smile: really like it :smiley:


So we cannot reveal the estate, but we can put an obvious clue in the marketing material… How does this work? Not a complaint, just interested.


They hope nobody from Meerlust is reading this :laughing:


C’mon Freddy, this is marketing flim flam.

So, you shipped used wine barrels from RSA to Leeds to brew and age this beer in…

I wonder how much that cost?

And whether or not the barrels were used by Meerlust the point is that any effect the wine remnants in the barrel had on the beer, it wasn’t from what went into Meerlust’s wine. It was what was left behind.

And, if Meerlust gave/sold their old barrels with the caveat they didn’t want their name used in marketing any use made of the barrel, they now know TWS word is not its bond.

What impact will that have on the rest of TWS’s operations?

This post got members of the forum to read the marketing blurb word for word, but I’m not buying.


I’ve had a few wine barrelled beers and some are better than others. De Molen’s Knife & Axe Rioja Barrel Aged with Brett is a firm favourite of ours.

We find such beers usually have a bit of a sour note and often you can taste wine like flavours. Good on TWS for experimenting with this collaboration though I did chortle at the recommendation to drink their beer within a year! It’s in a glass bottle and will no doubt improve with age. De Molen’s BBE dates usually end in 2044! For any West Midlanders head to Cotteridge Wines if you want some of the best world beers in the country!


Hi Peter,

I appreciate your feedback, and can see why you came to those conclusions, but I didn’t know enough about the beer to respond until now (and Freddy’s off on a mammoth buying trip of Australia so I don’t think he’s seen this!) but I’ve managed to chat to Richard Kelley at The Liberator (the man whose idea this beer collab was!), and thought you might find the following interesting/reassuring:

Costs were nominal - the barrels were shipped over from Cape Town by The Liberator guys along with a container of wine and other barrels going to different breweries for different purposes.

We also re-introduced some Rubicon lees back into the barrels two months before bottling the beer, so there is a red wine influence and it’s not just about the wood.

Not to worry! This was more a bit of fun. In Richard’s own words:
“The Liberator / Meerlust / Chris Williams of The Foundry (and now Northern Monk) all have a long-standing relationship with the Society. The Liberator occasionally keeps his sources to himself but can offer clues! Whilst Meerlust didn’t want us to use the word ‘Rubicon’ specifically on the beer, they were content with us indirectly referring to the origin.”
That’s why Freddy knew it would be safe to start the topic here, and why we left the fairly big clue in the copy. :slight_smile:

Yes, there may be a degree of marketing spin about this, but it was done as a bit of fun, and more importantly: the beer is good and unique and, like all other projects The Liberator does, unrepeatable. In fact, Richard’s a member himself and tells me he took delivery of a dozen bottles himself last week, so he’s really putting his money where his mouth is! :smile:
And I have to say, even as only a lowkey beer fan, I tried this last week and it was gorgeous (Mr Laura liked it too!).

Anyway, just thought I’d offer what I hope was some helpful context! :smiley: Fully appreciate this beer might still not appeal to you, though. :+1:


I cant wait to try this beer. I’ve met Richard a few times now and he is a great guy with a fabulous reputation and one of the reasons I’m looking forward to trying it is BECAUSE he’s involved.:wink: