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Can we talk about Christmas [2018] yet?



I tried the Exhibition Crozes, it was very good. Thought I would try this, too. Will probably keep it in the least accessible rack for now.


I have that same vintage of both at home and, as I say, plan to compare them side by side and blind. So should be interesting. But must wait until I get home in December.

… and then I’ll have two open bottles to finish :open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I just inadvertently placed an order for two white wines… wanted to wait with delivery (and payment) till January, but realised that there are only 7 bottles (6 now) of the Meursault left…

I was browsing the Burgundy on offer and found this well rated Meursault that is supposedly coming into its drinking window. Does shout Christmas… I had my eye on the CB previously and was happy to find that these two bottles allow for “free” delivery.

Botanica Mary Delany Collection Chenin Blanc, Citrusdal Mountain 2015
Domaine Antoine et Francois Jobard, Meursault PC Poruzots 2010


If only I could do that, having spent half a day up a ladder trying to put a 2000 LED string on my Cedar tree at the entrance to create a lit archway,! I had to concede defeat before I hung myself from one of the branches and lit up.
So the safer option in the front of the house was choosen but I am the odd one out in the street now as almost everone else has a roadside display but our house is set back, the wife is not impressed and I get the impression the sight of me hanging and lit up would have been the prefered option.


It’s a Christmas version of the Manneken Pis methinks!


Tesco, £20, no brainer!!:wink::grinning:


Appears offer extended to 1/1/19 also…

(For comparison is £32 via Amazon)


No Tesco near me @Taffy-on-Tour. But £23 in Sainsbury’s. Still a bargain :+1:t2:


I got 2 bottles delivered for £1 a few weeks ago, a proper bargain.:grinning: