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Can men do two things at once?

While disputed by many of our partners the answer is YES - as long as you combine two passions or interests. Last night, while inspecting the garlic in my vegetable patch, I began to weed with my left hand while holding a glass of Thymiopoulos Xinomavro in my right. Two hours later my garlic patch was looking splendid, my core had been given a decent workout and I’d only drunk half a bottle (ok for a school night). So I would say that’s a resounding success and, to boot, I think I’ve come up with a new ‘man yoga’ :wine_glass: :laughing:


I struggle to do one thing at once these days :grinning:


I’m sure your ability to do one of theses things decreases as you do more of the other.
Research is needed, perhaps a PHD?


Okay done my research here are the results:-


He looks pretty happy about it all!

Male unicorns didn’t multi tusk, look what happened there, other creatures did but I suppose that’s irrelefant.

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Not me mate!! :open_mouth:
I take after the man who couldn’t chew gum and walk straight (Bush Jnr.) / fart (Gerald Ford)…
But supposedly, I can concentrate and do one thing well!!
For me, that is a decent achievement.
The female of the species beat us all ends up on this one.
Multi-tasking, I can barely spell it.
Don’t believe me, the 2 BEST Drivers and the BEST Petroleum Engineer I ever encountered; were women. :clap: :clap: :+1: :dragon:

I agree totally, my wife can mind so many other peoples business, yet I find it quite difficult to look after mine. Quite superior.

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