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Camping in France


I’m off to France on Saturday (leave here Friday), for 3 funfilled weeks (hopefully) with the littles and Mr. Leah.
As I type, I’m literally surrounded by camping gear, pumps and inflatables :see_no_evil:.
I’m generally quite a “winging it” type of person so have only booked the first couple of nights on a campsite near Versailles so we can do the palace on Sunday.
The vague plan is to then head to the Loire for 4 days maybe followed by either/or La Rochelle/Íle de Ré and then onto the Bordeaux region.
Any campers on here who would have any recommendations for campsites around Bordeaux? I’ve found a few in St. Emillion and a number on Entré des Mers.
Also, I then plan to head inland so if anyone has campsites in mind for my next stop that would also be great or destinations worth visiting in general :sweat_smile:
Like I said going with the flow so all recommendations greatly appreciated.:wink::blush:


Mr Leah will have to pack his speedos if he wants to swim in the on-site swimming pool :joy::rofl:


Château Bauduc in Creon is a must if you want to taste the house wines of Gordon Ramsey and Rick Stein. Gavin is also a wonderful host.
Well worth a visit.

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Quite a few on the coast west of Bordeaux around Lacanau if that’s not too out of the way for you. We used to go to one called Côte d’Argent in Hourtin Plage but stayed in mobile homes rather than under canvas.


Thanks I’ll check out all the recommendations… Currently packing the car with a small wine :sweat_smile:


The French intolerance of swim shorts is very odd!


It’s as baffling as the insistence that every man should have a mistress. Or perhas I’ve been reading too much Simenon! :thinking:


Yep. Not a good look for a middle aged male in speedos generally…


It is indeed, I’m permitted to wear a one piece OR a bikini :rofl:


Have just returned from Holidaying in France where I was told off for wearing standard shorts down a water slide…I explained that they were solely for swimming and not other actives…still banned from the pool!

The next day (in my regulation ‘smugglers’) I witnessed a man enter the pool and immediately make such a grease slick that people physically moved

Cant wear clean swim shorts - can enter if you’ve not washed for a month !

French logic for you !


Head to anywhere on the Atlantic coast near Soulac or montalivet (if coming down from La Rochelle on the bac) or Hourtin / Lacanau further south

Sea is very rough there with big rip-tides so be careful with little ones and inflatables (I’m assuming you mean beach inflatables as you are taking Mr Leah :rofl::joy::rofl:)


That made me spit my coffee!

I can’t imagine what would be the inspiration for such draconian regulations on swimming costumes.


Just imagining a silent movie of Victorian’s at Brighton beach when you mentioned that.


Actually, that’s a pretty reasonable cause for mandating speedos


Current situation :sob:! J22 of the M1, have already been delayed a number of hours due to accidents! Mechanical failure, Mr. Leah thinks it’s the turbo so will be recovered back to the North East :sob:! Can’t actually believe this .


Oh, Leah - that sucks!! :persevere: hope there’s some solution…?


Oh no!

Is it total failure or just loss of power. If the latter it can just be a cracked turbo pipe which can be quite easily fixed.

If it’s any consolation I was going off for a weeks holiday in my van a couple of weeks ago and one of my rear wheel bearing failed rather catastrophically which put paid to that holiday!


I was driving , total loss of power , white smoke and expelled the oil out the exhaust , total failure, I managed to pull off onto a slip rd, we’re now being brought to a service station where hopefully will then get another vehicle to take us back :sob:! !


Very sorry to hear of your car trouble - good job you were able to react quickly. Do hope you can recover your plans and enjoy some RnR.


Thanks Gary