Cambridge Tasting Group dinner - Maybe Wed 24 November @ TOBS

I will post a list of potential days first thing tomorrow if that is ok with everyoone and we can each say either yes or no to whatever.

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Hang on a minute! Sadly TOBS are being completely unresponsive at the moment. But I need to get their input. So hold your horses, Andrew!

My apologies, I will await TOBS!


OK! I finally got to speak to Stephen at TOBS. They’ve got reasonable availability. But slightly picking a date at random, how about Wednesday 24th November?

Fine with me, thanks for sorting!

Is the 25th a possibility?
If so it would make a good argument to ditch the Friday and have a day off work

Restaurant not so keen on giving us free corkage on a “premium” day. Thursday’s only semi-premium, though! You should have said before!

Let’s see what others have to say and then we can ask.

Happy with either. No such thing as a school night any more here!

We could do either, although if possible I’d actually prefer the Wednesday, as Thursday night is normally my karate night. Happy to go with the majority, though.

Any of those days are fine with me

So we’re fairly finely poised between Wed and Thu. I will see if any of the extra people have any strong preferences.

Either day is fine with me.

Just to say that I’ll be taking a break from active participation in “The Community” but this event is still on (sticking with Wednesday) If those going (that I dont already know) could pm me with email addresses, I’ll manage from outside. Perhaps a WhatsApp group like the London crowd have.

Sorry for the hassle.