Cambridge Tasting Group dinner - Maybe Wed 24 November @ TOBS

Anyone on for a meet up in November? We could either go to The Oak Bistro again, or try The Old Bicycle Shop just around the corner. The advantage of the latter is that they’d do it for nominal (possibly zero) corkage and the table is arguably more suited. The space itself (a private room on the first floor) is a bit rough and ready, but would certainly be good enough.

Not sure on availability, so the sooner we can agree a date, the better. A theme could emerge - but suspect that is not relevant to getting quorate here!

So if you’re interested…

  • Comment with dates you CAN’T make
  • Add anything useful eg. “Prefer Friday to earlier in the week”.
  • Any suggestion on theme

Potential attendees:

1 thewinelake (confirmed)
2 Andrew1990 (confirmed)
3 Robertd (confirmed, rather Wed)
4 Robertd+1 (?) (confirmed, rather Wed)
5 Oldandintheway (confirmed)
6 Rafa (confirmed, rather Thu)
7 Fenman (confirmed)
8 David Christensen
9 Sarah Christensen
10 Bill Amos
11 Gill Cooper
12 Mrs winelake (thinking about it)
13 Tom Lewis (thinking about it)

I will also ask some other locals as before. Aiming for about 10-12 people but no big deal if we don’t get there.

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I can’t do 11th and would rather avoid 10th/12th. Otherwise fairly available.

In terms of theme, Robert has suggested some Alsace wines, so either a free-for-all, or a mixed theme including either Alsace or Riesling would work for me.


I’m not sure whether you have authority to do it or not, but the method is not obvious even if you do. You go to add a tag, search for what you want, and if it does not exist you are given the opportunity to create it.

Edit: It seems I can add tags for some “categories” but not others

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I see you’ve made a tag and you’re gonna use it! :wink:

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We don’t have anything committed in November at the moment, so would certainly be up for it. An Alsace- or Riesling-based theme would be very easy for us, but it would be good to have some red too, where other regions would be better. Actually, I quite liked the “bring something interesting” nature of the last one :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit. We can’t do 6th November, but that’s a weekend, and I’d have thought that we’ll need to go midweek for corkage purposes anyway. Happy to try The Old Bicycle Shop

15th/16th right out and rather avoid 30th. Other than that pretty flexible at the moment. Only Alsace I have are a few 2008/09 Faller/Domaine Weinbach. Happy with either suggested themes.

6th is out for me, I have various Alsace whites and a couple of reds. Mine mainly from Jean-Pierre Rietsch, I also a PN from Durrmann
I am happy with OBS

I will check diary for rest of November

Away 12th to 16th nov, and 6th is out otherwise all ok that month

Steve - might you guys be on for this?

No, again not this one.

But we will be in Cambridge in October, so the recent food and drink reccos are useful. It will be my first (non-medical) time staying overnight away from home since Covid struck, so I hope I manage to cope :woozy_face:

I’d be interested in “joining” the group (being based in Ely). Are there any more details anywhere? How do the meetings work?

We have had one meeting at a Cambridge restaurant, each bringing a bottle. The mealtime discussion is usually about wine…

Sounds like my kind of evening. Diary is fairly empty in November.


Shall we try and get a date in diary At the moment it looks like anytime between 1st-5th, or 17th to 29th. Are all weekends in those dates not preferred?

I’d prefer not weekends but it’s not a veto by any means, just requires a bit of apologising….

I am fine with weekdays

I’ll talk to TOBS to see what works for them.

We are currently fine with any weekday in November, though I’d prefer not a Thursday.

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I would prefer mid to late November. Fine with any dates at the moment

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