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Cambridge group - 15th July @ The Oak Bistro (now full)

Didn’t realise there was a restaurant there (my supervisor kept me locked in a basement for three years in Lensfield Rd but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t there then :grinning:)

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I’ve just fired off an email to Oak Bistro (it seemed inappropriate to call them at 7pm on a Saturday!). Will see what they say.

Must say the menu looks ideal!

OMG - they have 3 vintages of Musar, including 1998 at a very reasonable £60.

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Not sure but it was in the last 10 years or so. I got the impression that Robert had been a few times back then, so I suspect he could comment from broader, and more recent, experience.

I sense you are not giving much weight to my restaurant reviews from 40 years ago :frowning:

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Just thinking about dates & stuff. I think I’m going to struggle to do much before we’re away on a family holiday late June/early July. Maybe that’s as well if we want to be able to get >6 to take part. How’s availability for interested parties in the two weeks commencing 19 July? Ideally we would avoid Friday/Saturday evenings so that it’s more a benefit to our hosts, and also I tend to find that even wine afficianados prefer to spend weekends with their families… :wink:

You’re right, Steve, I’ve been to Oak a couple of times since, and enjoyed it each time. Certainly no attitude.

Cotto took over the restaurant at the Gonville Hotel a few years ago, and the prices went through the roof. I have a feeling that it’s changed hands again since, but the prices are still very high. I’d be reluctant to chose there, as the evening should really be about the wine, not the food.

Pre-Covid, we’ve eaten many times at LMDS. Shame if the steak isn’t quite as good as it was, as you’ve always been able to rely on that being excellent, and very generous in quantity. It’s not fancy, but honest and friendly. Spot on about the glasses, though.

The Peking is as good as it ever was, and we’ve taken our own bottles for reasonable corkage. I think it was £10, but can’t be certain. They still operate a cash-only policy, at least until Covid. But Chinese food might not be right.

Sounds like it’s between Oak Bistro and LMDS.

The quantities were generous, especially the starters - their duck creme brulée was great! Maybe my ideas on steak are influenced too much by places I’ve been in London where I have been spoiled (or indeed steaks I cook at home). I had ribeye and my wife had bavette. I felt they were both “OK” but no better (and given the price, decent VFM). Perhaps next time cote du boeuf or tomahawk or porterhouse?

Can I just say I hate Cross Country Trains and their stupid timetable :frowning:

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Where would you be coming from, Jeremy?

Stamford. Last train 21:02.

That is nuts. I guess it’s our old friend Mr Covid being used as an excuse (probably fairly valid - not many people using trains these days).
If I were you, I’d drive down and stay in a cheap hotel. That’s what I do when dining out in London.
If you’re not too fussy, a B&B near the station for £42?

I’d probably get a room in college (I still have has-been fellow privileges) and if you make it somewhat more regular I’ll probably look into that.

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Of course!

As far as we’re concerned it’s probably best not to plan dates to suit us, and we’ll tag along in possible. However, if not Friday or Saturday, Thursday would be by far the best day to fit around work.

Depends a bit on Covid too. ATM we are “advised” to stay in “our area” and not meet indoors. While I am not strictly following the advice, travelling over 100 miles to socialise with a largish group in a restaurant does seem to be pushing it a bit.

I’m thinking that Thursday 24th July might be good (and in line with rules)

24th fine with me.

Do you mean Thursday 22nd July, or Saturday 24th July? The latter, we can’t make. The former, we provisionally can, but at the moment we’re not committing completely, because once term has finished, the moment that it becomes sensibly possible to travel to Alsace, we may well be off!

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Damn. I’ve done it again! Confusing my Junes and Julys… I meant 22nd. However, let me do this properly.

Had a great reply from Oak Bistro, so keen to try the first one there.


Oak Bistro is fine, and 22nd should be fine. Realistically, we’re unlikely to travel before August, especially as our daughter wants to tag along, and needs to wait for her second jab.

OK, I’ve now been told that they have an all weather outdoor “room” that fits 8 and we could use that (subject to availability) even before the 19th. So here are 4 options that I’m proposing:

Wed 14 Jul
Thu 15 Jul
Wed 21 Jul
Thu 22 Jul

Just waiting to hear back from OB as to which are available.

I can do all those dates except 22nd. I can do 21st but setting off for Scotland following day quite early but if that is only date available I will do that date as well.