Cambridge group - 15th July @ The Oak Bistro (now full)

Attendees (of which I am not one) could do a lateral flow test as a courtesy ahead of the meet up. If you don’t have one, you can apply for them online and they come quite quickly. Also available from most pharmacies I believe. Just a thought for some extra peace of mind.


Yes it is the “outdoor” area. Maybe a good idea for everyone to check LFT before attending, though. I think this is going to become a standard course of action for many similar events (eg. wine-pages WIMPs)

I will sort one before 15th

I have just got mine from the pharmacy. Very easy to use, instant result. They are free.

That’s interesting - I’d not realised that pharmacies were giving them out. I hear there are plans to start charging for them soon, so just hope it doesn’t spark a panic “buying” spree!

Lateral flow tests are an excellent idea, and we shall be taking them.

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How did it go?


2017 Dirler-Cadé Riesling
100% Riesling

1976 Weingut Johannishof (H.H. Eser) Winkeler Jesuitengarten Riesling Auslese
100% Riesling

2018 Saint Veran Domaine Trouillet
100% Chardonnay

2017 Sadie Family ‘T Voetpad
Chenin Blanc, Semillon Blanc, Semillon Gris, Palomino, Muscat of Alexandria

2020 Teliani Valley Kakhuri No8
40% Rkatsiteli, 40% Mtsvane, 10% Khikhvi, 10% Mystery

2012 Marcel Deiss Burlenberg
100% Pinot Noir

2018 Laura Lorenzo DaTerra Viticultores Portela do Vento
95% Mencía, 3% Palomino, 2% Garnacha Tintorera

2012 Terre Inconnue Vin de Table Français Los Abuelos
100% Grenache

2018 E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone

1999 Chateau Climens
100% Semillon


I would/will certainly be buying some of the Teliani and Dirler-Cadé wines.

Great time was had by all, as the saying goes.

Nice to see a Georgian wine. There would have been two if I was there :slight_smile:

According the merchants selling the 2000, “mystery” is Kisi. But I suppose that is not totally reliable - I was told the 2018 was Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Chardonnay, so it seems to vary with vintage

It was a great evening - lovely to meet @thewinelake, @Andrew1990, and the others who came; good food; and an excellent array of wines. Hard to pick a favourite.

One slight alteration to the wine list: Burlenberg is not 100% pinot noir (nothing at Deiss is ever 100% anything!), but a field blend of pinots, including noir, meunier, beurrot, and I believe gris and blanc.


I forgot to add what a great job the restaurant did. Apart from the food, they happily provided us with multiple glasses, decanters, and even stickers to put on the decanters so that we didn’t lose track of what was what. Top marks.


Looks excellent!
Only reason I didn’t joy is because I had a night out planned
Count me in for the next one🍷

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Let us know when your next boys night out is, and we’ll schedule it for then! :wink:

Yes, that was outstanding service!

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Those who missed that one - now’s your chance - Cambridge Tasting Group dinner - Maybe Wed 24 November @ TOBS