California - Matthiasson

I’m just on a trip to California and had a very special tasting at Matthiasson. The society carries the Can Sauv, but they if they sold any of their other wines, I’d be a ready buyer. Their Pinot Noir, Zinfandel (12%!!!) and a Schioppettino (Ribbola Nera) were incredible. All made in a restrained, European style.

They make grown up, sophisticated whites - including their ‘white wine’, a SB/Sem blen with added Ribolla Gialla and Tocai friulano. A delicious, serious rose and a beautiful Orange Ribolla Gialla.

If the buyers are reading theirs then please know that you would have at least one happy buyer of any of these alongside their beautiful Cab.


I think Matthiasson have quite a following due to the Somm series so I wonder if TWS would be able to source much of an allocation, then of course there would be the Napa price premium to consider.

I would be up for giving them a try they seem to have a really down to earth approach to wine making especially for Napa.

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Yes - it’s incredibly hard to find anything approaching value there now. But I have to say Matthiasson was one of the better ones. Their Cabernet at $85 was infinitely better than many $300 (and probably higher) that I tasted. And their other varietals were around the $30-50 mark, which isn’t cheap but is a relative bargain for that quality in Napa, I think.

I really enjoyed Failla and a trip to Ridge too.