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Calais wine trip


Quercs and Ardes like what Tallis says (as usual).


Will booze cruises be a thing of the past? I imagine lots of Ford Transit vans will be for sale after 31st October. You can get quite a lot of booze and fags in one of them.


Fantastic idea, many thanks for the link :+1:


Booze cruises may be replaced by food cruises as we all crave the fresh fruit and veg that will allegedly be in short supply come the Brexagedon😬


More likely it will be back to the old days when you got tax/duty free sales on board the boats with no real need to actually go ashore in France.


might as well take a push bike for the 5 lt of wine you will be allowed to bring back !


You might enjoy this “Brexit Border Farce”. It was shown on Sky Arts, and the main actress is the daughter of a friend.


Loved it! Especially when the customs guard gets the chap to hold the perfectly legal missile in the hunt for the cheese. Let’s hope it’s just a bit more Project Fear propaganda like all those nice Brexit people say. Having said that, we have a short break sur Le Continent in early September and I’ll be looking for packets of Comte with the longest shelf life I can find!:yum::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We have a trip ending on 26th October. We will definitely be stocking up on goodies!


I second Guy Boursot. Our wine club made a call into the Ardres shop the final stop on a wine trip some years ago and he has a good stock of interesting wines.

We’ve also had him present wines at our tastings.