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Calais wine trip


I’m off to France for 3 weeks next week and will pick up wine as we travel about. Unfortunately the kids take up space so normally with all the camping stuff we can only fit in about 70 bottles or so. With that in mind and the dreaded possibility of crashing out of Europe with a no deal, I’m tempted to take ANOTHER trip with a friend in October for the sole purpose of stocking up.
In the past I’ve hit up Majestic (wasn’t too impressed last year), Calais wine warehouse and Terre de Boissons. Can anyone recommend any other decent wine merchants in and around Calais ? I’ve heard of another that’s particularly good for beer, but can’t for the life of me remember what it is called.


I wonder if you’re thinking of Eastenders for the beer. I’m not sure if it’s still there though.


Mine seem to take up more and more space each year :neutral_face:


Feeding them too much ?:rofl:


Aw, there was me seeing the title and thinking this was going to be a Community Roadtrip :wink:


The more the merrier, lets do it…


It’s worth trying the hypermarkets, especially Carrefour, if you know what you want and what it should cost. Not the one at the tunnel, and possibly not even the one in Calais, but if there is a large one near where you are driving. Certainly better than the Calais Majestic: I gave up on that years ago: it seemed only interested in the €5 or below market. But if you are driving anywhere near a wine area, concentrate on going to producers.


Yes this is what I’ll be doing next week , however I was looking to do another trip in October and wondered if there were any other large wine outlets apart from the ones I mentioned near Calais. We usually pick up lots in Carrefour on our annual 3 week trip but finding space is difficult which is why I want to go with an empty car before the end of October :wink:.


“Le Chais“ in Le Touquet is a good shop. It’s a little while since we’ve been, but it’s always had a good selection of good value wine at a range of price points when we’ve been before. About 45 minutes from Calais. You should be able to find a decent lunch, too. “À Table” is very reasonable, or “Aux Pêcheurs d’Étaples” up the road in Étaples if you like fish.


Les Halles de Quercamps is the usual must-visit place - a bit inland from Calais though Quercamps is only a little place, and Les Halles is on a back road once you get there. It looks like a village grocers/small garden centre from the outside - you have to go in to find access to the huge cave.
Les Halles de Quercamps

Guy Boursot’s place is not far away, in Ardres. He also does a service of holding wines bought direct from producers and sent to him, awaiting your pickup which may be worth knowing about.
Boursot vins

Of the big supermarkets, the Leclerc at Outreau (Boulogne) - at the bottom of the hill from the Outreau autoroute exit - probably has the biggest selection of the channel ports. The supermarché wine selections are not what they once were - they seem to have gone through a slimming-down of lines like their UK equivalents.

I’ll also endorse @robertd’s suggestion above for Le Touquet. Also, if you go there, it’s worth a visit to La Cave Touquettoise in Rue Metz as they stock the wonderful Alsace wines from Domaine Loew.


At the current rate of decline in the value of the pound, by October the french will be coming to England to buy their wine… :roll_eyes:

Joking aside, with the euro approaching parity is there enough of a saving to make it worthwhile?


Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis and @robertd.


I compared a few of the prices at that Les Halles shop mentioned by @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis with TWS prices and some were cheaper by a little more than duty and some more expensive. So, as you say, questionable.


Yes, you will usually find that. The days of big savings on booze-cruises are largely a thing of the past. Though it is worth pointing out that the current slide in the pound will make future UK purchases proportionately more expensive. If money saving is your main criterion, then buying current bargains from UK merchants will probably be unbeatable.

On Les Halles de Quercamps, I use them to stock up on Charles Heidsieck. At current prices that costs £26.50 as compared with the society’s £37.50 (case rate which is what I buy). Plus they usually have many mature lines that don’t seem to be listed on the website, at non-gougey prices.


One thing you can use a Calais trip to do is pick up stuff from a wine storage facility - that you may have ordered from anywhere in mainland Europe for delivery there. I do this - and will be collecting in October. I use these guys who operate out of a furniture shop : https://www.vineyards-direct.com/vineyards-direct/vineyards_direct.htm


This is also great, thanks @thewinelake.:wink:


Really interesting site that, lots of information about kosher wine, they say they are the biggest retailer of kosher wine in France.


I wouldn’t set too much store by that site - it’s fairly out of date. Not saying it’s not true, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re not doing that any more!


We often hear of crash-out. What does it actually mean?


Not sure it’s worth this, given that the pound is already falling fast? Though I guess things can - and probably will - get a whole lot worse.