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Cahors 1994 Clos Triguedina

At 25 years old, this 1994 magnum of Clos Triguedina from Cahors had retained lots of delicious fruit, soft tannins and was still quite fresh, perfect with a leg of lamb for Easter Sunday. Sadly I only bought one, many, many years ago, so I’m pleased it was such a beautiful wine.
It certainly pays to save oddments for a rainy, or sunny day.


I wonder what a 1994 Argentinean Malbec (if such a thing exists) would taste like in comparison?

It does exist!

I think I might draw mine out around Christmas.


Cahors (of the quality variety, naturally) seems to have the half-life of Thorium 229. There are library stocks all over the appellation of wines that are decades old. Probably replaceable!

As I recall, Jean-Luc Baldes plants to absolutely insane densities (I think it’s him at least). I’ve had very little Triguedina, but always hear good things. i’ll add it to the lockdown-daydream-list-of-places-to-visit when this is all over. Obviously, if the world economy survives!


Clos Triguedina is a great wine to lay down. 2016 is on a bin end price atm


That’s an interesting wine…if it was in a 6 bottle case I would hit the green button…

Lets up that the case buyers don’t take it all before TWS allows mixed cases again.

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Having missed a few deals when TWS came back on line eagle eyes will be required…:thinking:

Triguedina is my favourite Cahors (I have some 2016 on order in a pre-lockdown mixed case - hopefully it might arrive sometime) - from experience there is no hurry - it’s barely ready to drink and will last a decade at least.

So the 1994 will be about ready to drink? .Prince Probus is MUCH better - and costs 2 or 3 times more, enjoy it if you can!

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Only 2 cases left, it’s touch and go…!

It’s been on bin end for a while (I think since January… I remember waiting for reserves invoice to come round before ordering some in February)

I couldn’t resist, got the last case. Ummed and ahhed and just asked a friend who lives there, she said it was delicious so I was swayed :smiley:


Think I had the last but one yesterday. Looked at my cellar spreadsheet and there seemed to be a Malbec shaped hole that needed filling with something with the potential to age gracefully. Popped into reserves. :+1:


Then I think we had the last 3 cases between us! I was getting very anxious about not having given TWS enough money recently…