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Cagliari, Sardinia


Off there later this spring. Any recommendations?


Yes, read this topic.


Thanks, I missed that thread.


Great beach at Poetto very close to Cagliari city centre. There was like a local social club by the sea, with a brilliant first floor restaurant serving local pasta and seafood.
The best Vermentinos come from the north in Gallura. Anything DOCG like Tenute Sa Conca will be great, anything DOC will be good like Sella e Mosca. They do sparkling, very fruity but with more body than prosecco. Cannonau Mancini, Argiolas and Sella e Mosca are good entry level, their riservas are very good. A Gabbas Riserva is a special one. If you are a meat eater, try Porceddu, their hog roast. Their typical pasta is Maloreddus, a short one with spicy sausage ragout. Pane carasau is their version of crisp flat bread to eat with ricotta, sardinian pecorino and salumeria. They do great pastries called seadas, baked with ricotta and almonds. And a liqueur called mirto sardo, a wild currant berry. Their grappa is called filu i feru, a funny name meaning the bottle was hidden by a metal wire avoiding taxation or confiscation. Great island to visit in Spring. The summer it turns into queue/traffic jam island.