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BYOB work function - what wines?



I am going for a dinner with some colleagues and charged myself with sourcing the wine. Conveniently I can get an order delivered to work next Tuesday still. I need 1 fizz, 1 white and 1 red that are suitable in this weather. We are going to Foxlow in Clerkenwell as they have free corkage on Tuesday. I am on the following wines right now, but would value recommendations and can submit the order before close of play today.

I see this latter one has 2013, too. Not sure of Hawke’s bay vintages…

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Nice! Not exactly a vegetarian’s dream though, is it? :wink:

Good chance to fly the flag for Hungary, and I love the idea of promoting NZ Syrah instead of the ubiquitous Pinot Noir from there.

I don’t know the Corsican sparkling. Sounds a little unusual to have something off-dry - do you have a reason for selecting this? As good as it sounds, it looks the most off-piste :slight_smile:


but they have chips… I actually checked and no vegetarians in the party

yes, I know, the Corsican wine is a risk… I just don’t want to scare anyone with some bone dry sparkler



Looks like the 2013 would be the one to choose


Yes thanks for that, also 2 more years of bottle age.


Interesting choice on the sparkling Muscat - this is going to taste very grapey and floral - unlike most peoples expectations of a sparkling wine (though fine if that’s intended). Alternatives at the same price point are the A&G Cremant.

I can’t comment on the Hungarian as I’ve never tried it or the grape so it would certainly have everyone guessing.

Given it’s Foxlow, are you are likely to be eating steak? Do your fellow diners have any preferences around wine?


That is a very good point. As far as I know their preference is not more sophisticated than red / white. Steak or burgers is very likely so the Te Mata should do the trick. Perhaps the white for the starters… Undecided on the Muscat… might well match or replace the desert and start the rest of the night.


Doesn’t everyone like a bone dry sparkler ?? , you could try a sparkling Loire Vouvray maybe ?


I think your selection is great because each one will be a talking point. The sparkler will be different to the usual, not overpower the palate and get your guests thinking about what they are tasting. Similarly, the build up through the Kolonics which I have tried and is more challenging in a good way, to a smashing non Pinot NZ red will leave them asking for you to do it again.


I would very happily join you for these three wines and indeed am going to put the sparkler in my basket now… Some great comments above as well.

I’m drawn back to that thread about wines to take to parties/dinners. You know your friends better than anyone but if they are anything like mine, you may find that they won’t be overly concerned about the wine in front of them so long as it’s not foul. My experience has also been that much more red will be needed than white, sweet or sparkling so maybe two different reds and finish with the sparkler with pudding. Or the Elio Perrone Asti which I think is a great way to cap a heavy meal! For the second red, you might want to think about a Brunello, or young red Loire CF. These are good food wines and may turn heads for a moment, which is enough.

Enjoy making your choices and I hope you have a great evening!


good point! Maybe you could share that with the new arrivals in the post about Your favourite threads - get to know the community


Happy to. I’m afraid I’m on the ragged edge of my tech know-how, robert_mcintosh and I’ll need some help with doing links.


Thanks all, for the comments. I have now got the wines, changed to the 2013 vintage on the Te Mata. Sadly the dinner has been postponed to the end of March… the wines will wait I guess.