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BYOB Monday lunch on 10 December 2018



Less then democratic this time, but here is a proposition.

If anyone is interested in joining a BYOB lunch (Community) on 10 December 2018 (and can actually join), private message me and I will set up a chat for those who are in.


Is there a northern version of this? I’d love to start one in Manchester / Leeds?


By all means go ahead, @Awesommelier! There’s loads of Manchester/Leeds based people here so I’m sure you’d get plenty of takers.

(Also: hello and welcome! Nice to see a familiar face. :wink: )


Hello laura!
I’d be happy to start a tasting group in a similar vein - I run a few others which aren’t Wine Soc specific - would be good to start a group in the north if people are keen.


@Awesommelier I’m game for a Leeds BYOB lunch and there are others too! Great identity name!


Hi @Awesommelier! Just wanted to bump this topic to let you know we’ve set up a local tastings group category now - so you’re very welcome to set up a topic recruiting people here to a Mancester/Leeds group?