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BYOB dinner at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 September 2019 after the South America tasting



2 very nice offerings Adrian. Either will be perfect for Hawksmoor steaks.


Did you get a ticket for the tasting ? If not, perhaps @szaki1974 could transfer his.


Mine was presumably already given to the next person on the waiting list. @woodap did manage to get a ticket.


Yes I have a ticket. Thanks.


Yes - I am still in!

Did we want to set up a private message with those who said they could join to discuss logistics and wines etc?


Hi Alex, I think we leave it open in case any late comers appear.
But happy to be advised by those more expert than me.


My offering


I’m still in! My contribution:


Love the name.

I’d also love to join you at the tasting and dinner, but I’ve got a horrendously early start for an event the following morning (05:30 train) and really can’t afford to sleep in!


If it was still uni days, I would suggest don’t sleep…


Unfortunately breathing the heady, morning-after fumes of the South America tasting all over 400 prospective pupils and parents might not be such a great move at work.


Hi Malcolm, looks good. New one on me.

@Alex88, 3 reds lined up can you do either a white or a dessert ?


Unfortunately a little lite on desert, at the moment, but can offer the following:

For white:

Or, if we want to tip the balance further towards the reds given the cuisine, I can offer (unfortunately nothing South American at the moment):


While tempted by the Pomerol, I think having a bottle of white to enjoy while the reds are decanted and we peruse the menu, will work best. I have a slight preference for the Sandhi, but only because I know the Dog Point ( and love it). @woodap and @MalcolmV to advise.

I have provisionally booked a table for 4, at 8:15.


I also think would be nice to have a white, though agree those reds do look tempting as well!

Both of your suggested whites would be new on me @Alex88 so be delighted with either.

Also looking forward to trying The Widow Maker @MalcolmV. Sounds like could be a meal in itself!

Any strong preferences between my 2 suggested reds? If not I’ll just see which one I find first in the wine cabinet!


I wish I could at least join you for dinner, as it is my birthday :slight_smile:, but I have to work.


Sorry you can’t make this one. Sure to be another one along soon.