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BYOB dinner at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 September 2019 after the South America tasting



As alluded to in the Summer Tasting thread, there will be a BYOB dinner at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 September 2019 after the South America Growers Walkaround tasting.

Please vote to indicate you participation so we can organise a table for after the tasting. The reason of starting this thread so soon is due to the tasting tickets going relatively fast.

  • Will be at the tasting AND the dinner
  • Will be at the tasting NOT the dinner
  • Will be at the dinner NOT the tasting

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Really hope I can make it! It would be useful for me to take the Tuesday off and stay in London at a friend’s house that night, rather than travel back- but it all depends if they will let me have the day off as it’s the first week of term. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out. :+1:


Definitely interested in the dinner, but don’t think i’ll be able to make the tasting unfortunately.


This looks great. Thanks for organising! Will you book the table?


I will sort out the table closer to the event once we have final numbers.

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For a variety of reasons I’ve been out of the loop of this community & all you fine folk recently.

Seems I’ve picked an ideal time to return to the fold though!

V keen to attend. Will confirm for definite re tasting/dinner/both next few days.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to join this time… :frowning:

Just a thought - but maybe we can do a lunch again for the next BYOB? coming from outside of London, lunch is much more doable, and means I can get back home at a reasonable time.

Hope you all have a fabulous time! :grinning: :+1:


I am all for a lunch… do you want to organise the next one when the time comes @Inbar?


I would love to! I guess the only issue is that I’m not that au fait with what’s hot and what’s not in the old Smoke. I rarely go out to eat there. But if people suggest things, I’m very happy to organise/book etc. :+1:


No worries, people will be more than happy to help selecting the venue.


Great! consider it a future plan, then :wink:


Appears I was too slow for the tasting (though I’ve joined waiting list).

Definite yes for dinner though. :+1:


On the subject of timing, I’d be able to make a weekend at lunch, but weekdays are not really possible, coming from outside London, and working. Definitely interested in principle in the future, but won’t be able to make this one.


Now have a ticket for the tasting as well :blush:


The list of wines for this walk around tasting has now been posted on line


Thank you for letting us know. But do we really need to be told how to pronounce riesling? (‘reece-ling’ in case you are wondering) If we are assumed to be able to manage the rest of wine 27’s name (Corralillo, for example), I think we be trusted with riesling.