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BYO Monday lunch in London in October 2018



Hix Oyster & Chop House do a no-corkage byo on Mondays for groups of up to 6.


Avoid Hix Oyster, mediocre food when we ate on a byo earlier this year. There are many better options.


I quite like the look of this… I’ll do a shortlist of 3 and then whoever is interested can vote to decide. For now my list looks like Picture, Hawksmoor Air Street… please suggest some more options.


Have we agreed on the date, by the way?
Wish I could make some recommendations, but I barely ever dine in London these days to be able to suggest anything useful. Sorry!


We will fix the date mid September if that is okay.


That’s good with me - just wasn’t sure whether I missed anything… :blush:


Unfortunately, work got in the way and I will not be able to attend on either of the two dates. I couldn’t figure out a way to undo my previous vote for October 8th, so I voted for October 15th, too in order not to mess up the scheduling. I’ve really been looking forward to this a lot and hope there is going to be another one not too far down the road. Sorry to be missing out!


I (with your permission) will declare the date tomorrow, still time to cast your vote here. Right now 8 October just edges it. Once the date is set there will be another vote to confirm and a private discussion opened for those who can make it. :slight_smile:


Not sure if this will have any impact but there is actually going to be a Wine Society dinner on the 8th October with Warwick Estate at acclaimed South African restaurant High Timber. Details to be released early next week.

Will be impressed if any members can roll from lunch into dinner.


lunch and dinner do not clash… maybe an additional reason to come down to London for some


depends where you are from - lunch and dinner mean the same thing if one is a northerner and one a southerner :wink:


Our house is very confusing in this regard. The other half calls lunch dinner and dinner tea. Whereas I call dinner lunch and tea dinner.


Well, I call lunch lunch and tea tea and dinner dinner and supper supper, perfectly simple really.

Roll on gin. (called “gin”).


What about second breakfast?


thats called greedy !


Can do both dates now, because I got the best manager on the planet! :clinking_glasses:


8 October it is then, please confirm below if you will attend.

Lunch at 12:30 at a central London location (most likely stick to Hawksmoor, but Air Street this time - or Picture restaurant if @Kent_wino can make it work) on 8 October 2018. Just to draw the attention of those who voted for the date:

@HarrierTB @MrNXM @Bargainbob @jlabrey @woodap @AVI6 @Inbar @Alex88 - due to the limit I will not specifically link in Laura and Robert…

  • I confirm I will attend
  • I have included this as there needs to be two lines - DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS PLEASE

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BTW - as an aside, if anyone has already participated in the topic they’ll already get notified, so no need to mention them again (unless they’ve ONLY voted and never replied - that would help)

EDIT: I apologise, I mean that the topic will show participants that it includes “Unread” posts because it would have been automatically set to ‘Tracking’ but you don’t necessarily get notification unless you’ve switched it to ‘Watching’


I do not think it is true… I would go mental for one if every topic I participated in notified me of new contribution…

after the EDIT I agree :slight_smile:


Great stuff! Looking forward to it, and to meeting you all in person! :smiley: