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BYO Monday lunch in London in October 2018

Just to say that the private conversation have started, but late-comers are welcome (restaurant allowing…). I also closed the poll now.

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Unfortunately it has proved impossible to escape from work on this occasion. Real shame - hugely enjoyed the previous lunch.
Have a great time everyone. Look forward to reading about the wines tasted and hope to join you for the next one.

sorry you can’t make it Adrian.
Next time !

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Sorry to hear that, @woodap! Hope there will be other opportunities. :slight_smile:

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SO gutted I can’t make this one (last time was a blast!) but I just wanted to post a quick message saying I hope you have a marvellous time! I am so jealous.

I know you’ve got the brilliant @robert_mcintosh joining you today so he’ll be our Community staff rep - hope you all enjoy your lunch and I can’t wait to hear which bottles you’ve all brought along… :heart_eyes:


Excellent lunch looked after by staff at Picture Fitzrovia. 7 of us in attendance. Many thanks to @szaki1974 for organising. Great wines and a good tasting menu to match.

Wine of the day, from @Inbar Reinich Rotgipfler 2016. With @Alex88, a still fragrant '04 Vieux Telegraphe in a worthy 2nd place.

Best wishes to @HarrierTB for braving to double up with Wine Society dinner tonight. ‘must be mad’


Looks awesome! How was the food?

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I will share some photos shortly to make your mouth water :slight_smile:


Here are my photos of (most of) the dishes and a bottle shot


Thank you all for a wonderful lunch! The wine selection was awesome, the food was delicious and the company great! What a treat… Can’t wait for next time (and good luck Tim with your SA evening meal event!! :grimacing:) .:+1::+1::+1::grin:


Great lunch, will have to do another one… What struck me

  • just how good that Rotgipfler was, and how it was even better paired with the cheese course
  • the cheese called Waterloo, just how delicious it was
  • how inspired (coincidence) a pairing the Agiorgitiko with smoked salmon and pickled stuff was
  • how different two Rieslings can be and both very good

Very good, planned break from #stoptober.


@leah, you’d be pleased to know that there were bellinis to start with - and not just for ‘the ladies’ (well, I was the only lady - if such a title befits me!!) :wink:


I did see that from @robert_mcintosh pictures :rofl:

Lovely to see the Rolly Gassmann in there. I have a real soft spot for Rolly’s wines. The wine you had was the very same white I picked for our wedding 7 years ago, sourced direct from the cellar door. Delicious!


Looks like a cracking afternoon. Hope I can make the next one!

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That all looks and sounds very tempting. Hope I will be able to make it next time and work won’t get in the way again.

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Just want to agree what a lovely lunch it was yesterday. Great restaurant choice from @Kent_wino and great organisation by @szaki1974. Such a nice group of people and I cant wait for the next one . The Warwick wine dinner in the evening was really good too. Again lovely food and Warwick Trilogy is a stunning wine .


I’ve been away for a while, but belatedly to add - thank you, @szaki1974 and @Kent_wino for suggesting and organising this - it was a brilliant lunch. All of the wines enjoyed, but @Inbar thank you for introducing the Rotgipfler! I ordered a case immediately afterwards from Brighton, and am down to a single bottle. Delicious.


Oh, glad to hear you enjoyed it, @AVI6! :slight_smile: it was a bit of a wild card, so glad you liked it enough to order a case! :+1: