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BYO Monday lunch at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 July 2018



If anyone else is keen to have a BYO lunch in Hawksmoor (London) on a Monday in July, please let me know and I am happy to organise.

Here is a link to Hawksmoor if you are unfamiliar.

Chenin Blanc
BYO Monday lunch in London in October 2018
Weekday drinking [23-26 July]
Community is not just online. Meeting face to face

I can vouch for the facts that a) the food is great b) meeting community members is a wonderful experience and c) that @szaki1974 is a most wonderful dining companion and generous with his BYO selections



Ooo tempting. Although I doubt I’ll get the time off!


That is very tempting…although dinner would generally be easier than lunch for me.


Great idea! I don’t know yet what my schedule is going to be like in July but I would love to join if I can!


Depending upon the date and which branch, I’d be up for it. I’ve taken advantage of their Monday BYO offer a number of times.

It’s very good. Lovely idea.


I’d be up for this too.


I’d love to attend this! @Freddy - can we tempt you too? :smiley:


Okay, it seems there is interest,I will put two dates out there and see who can do which :slight_smile: So this is for LUNCH at Hawksmoor Guildhall.

  • 16 July 2018
  • 23 July 2018

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Hawksmoor under serious consideration after TWS agm. Ooh what a stroke of luck, that’s a Monday too. Probably Air street. Am sure a July visit could also be accommodated.


Wish I could also join you all, @szaki1974!! But have used my last remaining leave day on a Stevenage lunch… Maybe there will be another opportunity… :crossed_fingers:


You’re coming to Stevenage?! :smile: Would love to meet you - if you let me know when you’re visiting I can come and say hello as I’ll be in the building anyway! :slight_smile:


That would be lovely, @laura! :grin:
Me and the other half booked the lunch on Thursday the 5th of July. I did send a message about it in some thread or other- because I was wondering whether any other members from the forum will be there, but as there was no reply I assumed no one else was going on that date. It would be really lovely to meet you, if you’re about! :relaxed:


Hooray! I’m putting it in my diary now - really looking forward to meeting you! :smiley:


Great! I’ll be the one jumping up and down with enthusiasm! :wink:


Great idea. I’ve done it myself a few times after WS tastings at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall (Hawksmoor Guildhall is the nearest). Might be worth looking at the calendar and getting a table… Not sure I can do the dates proposed so far, but will have a look. Would be great to meet some of you!


I’m in if you’re in


Okay, I will declare 23 July 2018 for the lunch based on where the poll landed (sorry @MrNXM) . Will book a week ahead (though probably unnecessary), so will also do a quick poll of who is still in mid July. Hawksmoor Guildhall…

We can also discuss the rules of BYOB in the meantime…


This sounds like a potential malbec-fest! I’m only sorry I can’t join you this time around. But I hope somebody can do a writeup after the event. I would love to hear how it went.


Shame, I have a few bottles of Cantenac Brown approaching the end of their drinking windows. Guess I’ll have to drink them at home!