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BYO Monday dinner in London 4 February 2019



Time to do another one, methinks… buckled under popular pressure and tadaaa… let’s do a dinner. I’ll put two dates out there and may the more popular win. In the meantime if anyone in Central London thinks it is time for an ad hoc wine lunch, just PM me…

Venue and rules to be decided later.

So for the poll…

  • Dinner on 28 January 2019, I am in
  • Farewell dry January, dinner on 4 February 2019, I am in

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Dry January? What’s that?


No idea if I will actually be able to make it, but both dates good for me right now!


I think he meant dry Ginuary


I am just being inclusive.


Sunday? That’s interesting! Of course quite a few free corkage options on Sundays…


That is a mistake. Trust me to read my calendar…


OK, well still plenty of free corkage options! Monday and Sunday (I presume you’re sure this time!)


Not my day, is it… @robert_mcintosh could you reset the original poll to make both options Mondays… I wish I could restart this thread.


I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the Champagne you had for breakfast :champagne:


You are right… it is my day after all… only the b****y dates…


I’ll wait till the days are re-set, but in any case Feb date would be easier for me.


You could close this down and re-start a new thread, @szaki1974?


Dates fixed I hope


Okay, so vote or check your vote up there folks. Thanks Rob.


I would love to join you, but will be in Chamonix for both dates!


Both dates currently good for me and would love to join if I’m able


It looks like a big one…


The more - the merrier! :smiley:


both good for me at the moment, lets hope work permits it to stay that way!