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BYO lunch in the North (?) in autumn 2018

Have a great time in Newcastle !!!:wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::disappointed_relieved:

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Sooooo how is February looking for people ? Again, open to venue suggestions and cities . Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out last time but let me know if anyone is still up for this ?

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Yep, still interested here !!!

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February sounds good

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Next time I’ll be down in Newcastle will be one of the Easter weeks

At the moment, I could make most dates in Feb, March or April. Pre-Easter week best for me rather than the week after.

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I’m still up for it, pretty flexible re dates at the moment, not school hols though.

any takers for spring 2020 ,?:heart_eyes::sunglasses:

We’re up for the newcastle burgundy tasting. Tea before followed by a community crew walkround?


Cannot BELIEVE I’m not going to make it…

But I can highly recommend Kaltur for dinner before, either on Dean st or High bridge st.
The French qtr is literally a stones throw from Station hotel but im not sure it is open on a Monday.

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