Buying wine from TWS in Bond

Hi Guys,

I was looking at the 09 Gruaud Larose on the website however i noticed it is DP, is there also an option to buy the same wine In Bond?


I think the answer will be a resounding no.

If you buy EP they offer it in bond, but everything on the website is duty paid (I thunk). But fear not, if the price is good and you want to drink it dig in. If it is a flip to Seckford’s and a fast buck expect the response you get in an english queue, a bit of tutting and dark mumbling but no actual consequences.

Having had a quick look that seems a very good price. I am quite tempted myself. Had we but world enough and time…

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Look up it in
There are a few sellers in bond like Berry Brothers for this wine & vintage

I thought that, I’ve added it to the never ending wishlist.

Have been a few interesting discussions on here about buying DP / In bond

whats your reason for wanting in-bond ?

I always prefer buying wine with a 5+ years drinking window in bond vs DP:

  1. Defer taxes

  2. If tastes change or you need the cash its easier to sell

L&W is great in this respect


Always assumed the reason TWS don’t do this is that they discourage trading wines, they are for drinking, whereas places like BBR actively encourage it.


You’re back! I will go and put a hat on so I can throw it in the air! Hope you’re feeling it a bit more.

The reason BBR encourage it is they make 10% of each sale for running a website. There are probably cases of wine on BBX which have made more money for BBR than they cost.

Like @cgoldin I like to defer taxes, mainly so I can kind of fool myself that they are more affordable. Bargaining as they say in psychology.


So they become almost “free wine” when you draw them down and end up only paying £8 a bottle :sweat_smile:


that is how it works isn’t it ?!

I see.

I am looking to buy some cases anyway, Fourrier etc, even though they are DP i hope that other warehouses from other companies can accept them. Nothing against TWS storage, i just like to keep all my wine together under one roof!

Has anyone tried to do this before?

Yes. Not an issue with anyone I store with including Seckford and Goedhuis Private Reserves. GPR have a lot of mixed cases stored for me, Seckford’s I know prefer unmixed cases (6 or 12).

Why if I may ask? Surely having it in more than one place hedges against a ‘bad thing happening’ to one storage site? TWS storage charges are also among the cheapest.

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Simply because if i have them stored at numerous facilities i lose track of what i have in all honesty. No real reason bar that


Like many others here I have TWS reserves and then consolidate to L&W for wines bought elsewhere because of their flexibility around reserves and trading. TWS reserves are about 70% EP and are kept in bond until I want to draw some down. There is as others have said always the prospect of tastes changing over the timescales for reds from many of the EP offers.

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Hmm, maybe. But if one stores them with TWS (generally the cheapest storage facility) and one’s tastes change, one could then return them to TWS for resale to other members, rather than profiting (sometimes massively) by selling them on the secondary market.


One way to keep track is to use ‘Cellar Tracker’

My son put me onto this recently. It takes time to set up, so ideal job in lock-down. You can create as many ‘cellars’ as you wish, eg. one for each location you store wine. And you can add as much detail as you wish.

To be clear - I’ve never actually moved anything from TWS to L&W and I’ve never sold a TWS-bought wine. But I do find it helpful to have the flexibility that comes with bonded storage.

Oh sure I wasn’t accusing you, and apologies if I came across as sanctimonious (though I stand by what I said).

But forgive my degree of scepticism if somebody wants to buy lots of cases of eg Fourrier ib from TWS to move to another storage facility, I think it’s more than possible that their ‘tastes might change’ at some point in the future.