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Buying members

That’s interesting and also very ironic. TWS emails are one of the very few I welcome, always generally read, and have opted into. My email box if flooded with emails from other entities I have zero interest in.

It is not a very good situation.


I agree that would be a good idea and is in line with the Bin Series and cask whiskies that have a “launch time” publicised in advance.

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On the subject of selling out quickly…

Lay & Wheeler did an email to their base for the Caro 2018 release earlier. I got it at 11.45 and opened it pretty much straight away as I buy the wine every year. At 11.50 there were 594 bottles available. Since I was away from my desk at the time I quickly emailed the fellow who looks after my account to ask if I need to rush to buy.

They’re selling quickly and I’m not sure if we can get more

By 12.52 there were just six left. That’s pretty decent going for a wine that’s £33 IB.

p.s. Seems another allocation was agreed and it’s back up over 600 bottles again.

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I agree. Inducements for new members are discriminatory against existing and loyal members - a point which the car insurance companies have had to revise recently.

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Dipping in to thank you all for your feedback in this thread - we have passed your thoughts back to our leadership team, so just wanted to assure you that your comments are being read and heard!


I have to say I feel somewhat bombarded by TWS with offers in various guises including the 1874 ‘magazine’ which just seems to be a catalogue. Is TWS embarking on a sales-led expansion? And I do find the style of TWS publications rather ‘matey’ and probably aimed at ‘yoof’, not the style when I joined with a 1-something number.

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I was getting so much I finished up never even looking at them. Of course it is not for everyone, but you can ask them to stop - I stopped everything apart from The List, and have never regretted it


Just to say, I’ve got no issue with this or any previous joining incentives or competitions.
I was very interested to read all of @EdMcK 's tales of his trip with a buyer to France on the back of his win. He kindly shared an enormous amount of photos and in depth description here on the community and whilst we were all secretly jealous, it was really nice to see another wine lover enjoy such an amazing, once in a lifetime adventure.


Hi @ken99, just to second what @Steveslatcher says, please do let Member Services know if you would prefer to receive less of our printed offers as they will be able to amend your settings for you!

Entirely agree.

My only frustration with it is that I’ve introduced five members, but none of them have been at the right time to win anything like this (and that’s entirely on me!).


Not that secretly…! :smiley:


Thanks for your kind words, @Leah . Here’s a link to said wine tour thread. I must admit that this was an amazing experience and worth so much more than simply money off my next purchase. I know this was a once in a life time experience, but us golden ticket winners have kept in touch, and I personally learned a phenomenal amount about Rhône wines. My bank account frequently suffers greatly as a result!


Honestly, it was such a joy to read and I like others are so glad that you took the opportunity to allow us to share in that experience through your writings and images. So thanks again.


What a trip! I would love to visit those places, especially on official TWS duty so that all of those amazing bottles get opened.

Fantastic notes and images, @EdMcK. Short of smuggling people in your luggage you did everything you could to share the experience with fellow community members​:+1::+1::+1::+1:


There’s an article about TWS in the latest edition of The Oldie.

According to Pierre Mansour TWS didn’t expect to reach current membership levels for another two years. They are selling 50% more wine than before the pandemic.

He singles out Zorzal and Muga, and the Society’s own white Rioja.


Interesting to hear that membership growth is so far ahead of expectations and yet recruiting seems to be going on apace. Has there ever been a target size stated? I don’t think I’ve seen one but I could easily have missed it. Or is the aim just endless growth?

I am quite seriously worried about ‘unfettered growth’. I have seen so many fine, well run organisations outgrow their ability to keep to their initial mantras. I’m afraid letting ‘everyone and anyone’ join TWS will herald its demise. Woe woe and thrice woe! I’ll say it for you. However, I’m always touched by the hardy devotees who really do think it’s now a better place.

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I’ll say it again - I think it’s a better place (for me) now that they’ve let unconnected riff-raff like me join, without needing someone to propose my membership like a stuffy old gentleman’s club🙂


Perhaps my words weren’t correct. I wasn’t alluding to ‘riff-raff’ as you mention, I was thinking more of the sheer numbers. It is already apparent that customer service is beginning to suffer. Not everyone gets the same messages depending on their technical savvy or preference on paper work to be informed about stuff. I think your stuffy old gentleman’s club is better suited to BBR and the like.
I know I am not as sycophantic about TWS as some, it’s just a company that I have a tiny share of, but sadly I have noticed a decline. Progress in some areas, yes, but a thinner skin overall than before.


Fair enough Graham - it was the implication that quality as well as quantity of members has been affected that riled me so thanks for clarifying!

I think TWS offers a unique service (genuinely interesting wine over profit-driven volume, affordable aged wines you rarely see elsewhere etc) but I’d like to think I’m no sycophant either. You’ve been a member a lot longer than me so have more perspective on how it’s changed, so I respect your opinion.

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