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Buying members

A £500 prize draw for new members. Not at all impressed!

“Buying members” is one way of looking at it.

Celebrating the fact that TWS is about to recruit its 500,000th member by offering a prize is another.


£500 divided among 500,000 members. I reckon that’s just cost us current members the princely sum of 0.1p each. Finding it hard to get vexed I must admit.

Actually, my maths is suspect because the winner will have to cough up £40 for the pleasure of winning. 0.092p per member share then, that’s much more acceptable.


Yes, it’s not a huge expense but for some reason I find it very annoying and “not right”. It’s certainly not a chance equally available to all members. If it’s not an incentive for new membership then it’s just a complete waste of money, even if it isn’t a large amount.

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Look at the bright side, that’s only two golden bottles :see_no_evil:


I didn’t know that TWS needed more members. However given that (I’m guessing) we are an older demographic & CV19 will have taken a toll then perhaps a membership drive is in order. Plus there is the new warehouse No.5 to feed.

Generally, I’m not persuaded by the ‘bigger is better’ & ‘economies of scale’ arguments.


On further reflection I’ll stick with buying members. I think I’d feel more of a celebration from giving a donation to a charity when reaching a certain target membership. Giving some lucky person £500 doesn’t give me much feeling of celebration I’m afraid.

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I’ve purchased membership for my sister for Christmas, it’s nice to think she will be in a chance of winning this.

I rather like this as a competition. Cheaper overall I imagine than the previous “win a space on a trip” offers, the golden bottles, or indeed the Christmas competition. In the grand scheme of TWS spend, it is exceedingly minor and I imagine will generate a few additional gift memberships.


Sooner see this sort of thing occasionally than weighing down ‘influencers’ with freebies!


Or perhaps some of the new members will be ‘influencers’ ?

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Can I be an influencer and get press tasting passes?

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Hardly, they’re not used to buying their own wine I think.


TWS needs to start doing instagram give-aways if you heart a post, forward the post and @theproducer and @TWS.

You are forgetting the £20 voucher that new members get :roll_eyes:

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I must admit, any kind of “Nth member/customer” promotion annoys me - as it’s only thanks to the N-1 other people that there are N customers/members.

Let us elevate one individual due to their paperwork having being processed at the correct point in the queue.

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I really can’t get worked up at this. A reasonable value ‘prize’ will see better coverage in press / social media, and the overall aim is as a part of a membership campaign. I’ll wager that £500 ‘given away’ in this manner will attract more publicity / socials shares / awareness than £500 spent on marketing TWS, or spent pushing the socials by buying the viewers, so to that extent, it’s a likely cheaper way of delivering the results. What’s not to like?


Are their 499,000 members. NO ! there will be thousands of inactive ones . They wont all even have paid any money to have a share . They will have inherited one from a relative. So i wonder if the total number of members is real. More like a hollow tree !

God forbid they actively market to attract members. Much better to continue to fade into (increasing) obscurity and failure so as not to offend a minority of members’ delicate sensibilities.


I see their is a £500 inducement for one lucky new member. I rather object to this sort of thing . Rather than a reward for loyal members its throwing money ar someone new. The lucky person could spend the money and never be seen again. The real object is to have gained a whole lot of new members who will have been tempted by propects of being the lucky winner.


Please see

I’m not surprised. This is the tacky sort of marketing that is shrouding TWS since its re-vamp. I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t an ‘influencer’ who wins it too.

Come on TWS, remember your roots and your true membership!