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Buying a new BBQ (and smoker)

For people with a DIY bent you can make a good smoker out of a metal dustbin…

Ooh I like the sound of the Barbecue smoked turkey with maple coffee butter mop sauce😋 probably be a challenge to wine pair with that though.

Hi wineseeker me and my brother set up a bbq/smoker pop up during lock down and have found the best combination of fuel for the smokers is African hardwood lumpwood mixed with cuban marabu charcoal, the African hardwood gives us more heat and the cuban burns for much longer than normal charcoal, we then top up with beech for smoke and flavour,


That is one serious rig. You’ve kicked in my scent associated memories and am now drooling at sizzling beef and jerk chicken aromas :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


It’s been a fun summer and having some decent wine to hand has really helped

this was the wine I opened after our first event it came in the first case I ordered from the wine society.


Wow what an amazing set up, that’s awesome thanks for sharing, I’ve got some beechwood chunks from a local supplier, but wasn’t sure what meat to try it out with, would you recommend a particular type over another or does it work equally well with all meats or fish? Don’t suppose you set up anywhere near Southampton, would love to try some that has been cooked on that rig.

We use it with all our meats gives a really nice bark and subtly smoke flavour, we found it worked really well with a porchetta. We’re having alot of fun trying new meats at the moment so on every smoke we put an experimental joint in to see what works and don’t. We have also found smoking beech wood chips in beer overnight can add a nice flavour too.


Oh my life happy days👏not sure I can spare any on my woodchips😂

Glad to see so many bbq users the real test is Christmas dinner over the flames, every year we have A themed grill out last year was a Wild West camp fire spread you guessed it beans with all, butterfly legs of lamb with Cumberland sauce really well done and blackpuddin kickshaws. Unfortunately the wind really got up later in the afternoon . Pudding was rasp Berry compote with rum sauce an old Comanche treat

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Love the sound of that, especially raspberry compote.:clap:

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