Burlotto Barolo 2015 in halves - be quick or be late

There you go…

I monitor half bottles with decent regularity, in case any gems show up in this friendly format. Still only seen this wine appear as out of stock a week or so ago… I was kind of hoping it will reappear (should someone cancel their order), so increased the regularity a bit. It seems TWS have secured a few more bottles. I bet it is not going to last more than an hour.

Nice one, thanks for the heads up

Looks like 4 left!

…and there were none - Lea & Sandeman seem to have it in normal bottles (more expensive by a margin)

They have 30 bottles left…

Rats! Too late :sob:, by quite some margin.

@laura is there a way to follow outstanding individuals like @szaki1974 so we get alerted when they post updates like this?


Missed :sweat:

Best forget about ever seeing another Burlotto wine…

Why is that?

Every time they appear they disappear again within an hour :roll_eyes: Definitely time to find a new source.

Still in stock at lea and sandeman for your guide

Do you think it’s an inside job?

More a case of wine buyers being a bit like sheep!

Burlotto Baarolo?


Grrr-lotto Barolo

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Sorry to have missed this! There isn’t currently anything like that, unfortunately - there might well be a feature we could develop, though, so I’ll add it to the list of ideas.

Maybe just Bur-lottery Barolo, if you are lucky to check at the right time…

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and when it comes back into stock it will be Burlotto Barollover


I have a lone bottle resting away for a few more years. Hopefully worth the wait.

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Back in stock people. Get it while you can :slight_smile:

And gone again