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Burgundy Vintage 2019

I think it is probably time to kick of the discussion on this vintage as the offers start rolling in.

wine-searcher(dot)com has the following take on the vintage: <Small but brilliant - their words>

I linked their assessment as presumably they have less skin in the selling game…

I will probably just try and build some verticals I have ongoing and steer clear otherwise, mostly due to price. At least for reds… whites I probably need some and will primarily be looking at Chassagne village level and Meursault (Fichet?). Olivier Leflaive’s 2019s seem already out there.


F & R full report here. For anyone who can’t be bothered to read report here is a summary (not mine)


  • Outstanding wines of both colours

  • Balance and consistency are the watchwords of the vintage

  • Warm, dry conditions produced concentrated wines with amazing freshness The whites are classical in flavour profile but with extra intensity

  • The reds have wonderfully supple, ripe tannins

  • Open and approachable now, but will age wonderfully

  • Low yields due to poor flowering and some frost

  • Production is down by up to 50%: with Bourgogne Blanc/Rouge wines more impacted than the Premiers or Grands Crus, and yields lower the further south you go


Jasper talking about 2019 for an hour here.


but I think the summary by @japcraw nailed it :slight_smile:


I have 6 bottles of 2019 Fabien Coche Meursault Blanc in reserves (bought EP). I noticed on buying that the TWS drinking window was 2025-2030. 2025 (after 6 years) seems quite a long time to me for the start of a window for a village Meursault unless I am missing something. Presumably there are others in the community who bought this. Any thoughts? Has anyone actually tried a bottle?

Someone did on CellarTracker, but only one person and the drinking window is the same as TWS…

I think 2022 is too young, maybe next Christmas for your ‘ranging shot’ opener? Still might be a bit previous if you ask me. Is it Diam closure? I’d probably trust Toby’s judgement on this. TWS have conservative drinking window end dates but generally the start dates begin at the earliest opportunity.


If it helps, the 2014 of the same, closed with a Diam 5 BTW, broached here between April 2020 and June 2022 were all in fine shape ( fresh, deeply flavoured, complex ). And probably representative of the aging potential of the 2019 too as both vintages were highly rated. If so, the drinking window provided seems like sound advice.

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