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Burgundy for drinking now

I certainly read it as a genuine albeit tongue in cheek, compliment for bringing these lovely wines to our attention.
Definitely appreciated by me


Ditto. Although I was too slow to get the whites case. Next time.

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Still mulling over this mixed case…

Out of Burgundy for drinking now in the home racks… two of the six wines I have in reserves (might be good to have a sneak peak…


Just saw this, slight change to Christmas plans

limited to 1 bottle per member



Nice one bringing this to our attention.
Looking at the webpage, it does bother me at the lack of information note.
A current Wine Society TN would have been so useful!! :pray: :wink: :dragon: @Toby.Morrhall
I did find a TN, sadly dated 1992. :open_mouth:

All gone, by the look of things. Pity because it’s one of my favourite producers and their wines tend to be long lived. Gutted, as this looked to be a very good deal.

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another one that has just come and gone… probably someone’s estate


Withdrawn. :dragon:

Not sure whether to count it as burgundy or not, but there are also a few bottles of aged Moulin-a-Vent online. I don’t look at the Beaujolais section very often, but at those prices, I’m prepared to gamble just out of curiosity. I know Moulin-a-Vent is supposed to be long lived, but never tried an aged one:

Very low stock…


Very interested in these if only to get a sense of their longevity.

I have some Moulin a Vent 2018s in reserve, having bought them EP last year. TWS has these as drink by 2030 and 2031 which is a little shorter than the 2 above.

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Be quick…

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Looking for some advice please, currently have this in my basket but I’m not particularly familiar with Burgundy, in another thread it had some good feedback.

Out of the above and the others around the price range (below), what we will be best for drinking at Christmas in terms of VFM and really drinking well at the moment?

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If you’re looking to drink something over xmas, the two 1er cru options you have selected are probably still a little young at the moment. You’d be better off with one the village level wines you’ve selected.

You might also want to take a look at this one, which is another good option https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=BU55611

Also, slightly under your budget, but you can’t go wrong with Grivot bourgogne (2014 recently uploaded to the site) as a nice introduction to approachable burgundy: https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=BU61281. I’ve had a few of the previous vintages and always been impressed and happy with the quality : price.

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My hunch is that any of the four except the 2012 could be the most ready - it’s hard to be sure without opening them; 11/13/14 are all quite approachable vintages and the fact the 1er cru is the oldest of the three could be a bigger factor than the fact it’s a 1er cru.

Based on reviews, the Burguet looks like the one I’d buy.

I bought a case of the Chanson Clos des Mouches 2012 this summer and the first bottle was delicious.

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Thanks for your opinions! I’m stupidly indecisive when it comes to these types of purchases but will take on board your comments and will submit my order over the next few days.

I tasted a Grand Cru Maume Tawse 2013 (Mazoyeres Chambertin) a year or so ago, and it was a wonderful wine with a long way to go. I imagine that the village Gevrey would be drinking well now.

One would hope that all of the above would be ‘in the window’…very difficult to know without having tried them though.

So as a general rule are Burgundy wines drinkable young, then have a “sleeping period”, then become drinkable again? Or is this situation not relevant to all but some?

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There are no universal rules, general or otherwise in Burgundy I find…I think it’s massively dependent on producer, vintage and vineyard.

I’ve encountered it enough to know it has a fair bit of truth in it. Some wines, particularly at the generic end of the spectrum will drink well young and not really get any better. However, many will be approachable in relative youth, then have a ‘dumb’ period. I recall a Bellene wine at the same tasting which was ‘dumb’ and Toby agreed. It had been fine when they decided on the tasting list about 3 months before! It was a 2012 NSG VV. The 2011 was drinking well at the same time.

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Thanks for that Mark. :+1:

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