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Burgundy for drinking now

I sometimes wonder if you are not part of the Wine Society Marketing team, disguised as a friendly member on this forum, tricking us into buying even more wine! :joy:


I doubt whether many members of the Wine Society’s marketing team, know very much about operating an Oil & Gas Production Platform.
Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself :dragon:

turn the big valve ?! :rofl:



(apparently I am not allowed to post this as it doesn’t look like a sentence. Adding a sentence saying that helps).


8 cases remaining!! :wink: :dragon:

You’re a bad influence! Or a very good one LOL.

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One less left now …:wink:

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Thanks Taffy.

I’m down to 2 bottles remaining from a mixed case of 2014 white burgundies (including my last Oncle) and was just thinking about how to replenish the stocks earlier.

This will do nicely!

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Just 5 remaining in stock!! :wink: :dragon:

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And there it was - ALL GONE!! :sob: :sob:

Well done to those of you who did manage to get a case.
I imagine that @Toby.Morrhall and the team will be searching high and low to satisfy the Members enthusiasm for such great quality wines.
If you were disappointed, one never knows; another gem might pop up at any time, so keep on scouring the Community pages and the website. :+1: :dragon:


What we need now is a red case drinking now that won’t make your eyes water. :wine_glass: :+1: :sweat:



@Toby.Morrhall has suggested (I think) 3 reds of late that deserve our attention.
He mentioned this first one in his video on “Serving Burgundy!” :wink:
That boat may have already sailed, but one never knows.
These are the two that I latched onto and purchased.
This one still inexplicably in stock
I do wonder how long they will take to sell out?? :open_mouth:

This 2017 Pataille Marsannay is thoroughly recommendable!!
Sadly only 4 CASES left in stock,so please hurry!! :open_mouth:

This 2017 Pataille Bougogne Rouge is also good, and plenty of stock. :+1:

Bon chance!! :+1: :wink: :dragon:


Thanks @Taffy-on-Tour, did buy 3 of the first when I read an earlier post of yours. Have the last 2 in my basket ready to buy. Was maybe foolishly thinking there may be a few bottles of something squirrelled away that could make up a case of 6 similar to the white case. Can only hope :joy: :sweat: :+1:

Only 3 now :wink: :+1: Case of Marsannay to reserves.

… are you sure you’re not on commission Mr Taffy?! :wine_glass: How many of these do you need to do to get a case of La Chapelle?!

:smiley: no, it is appreciated else we don’t get to spot all these so thank you.


I’ve helped reduce the temptation by taking a few bottles. You’re welcome :wink:

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That’s a little harsh, no? He did say




And the other stuff.
Poke me with a stick, and I will respond in kind.
Maybe better if I just stopped posting.

Hi Taffy,

I was only ribbing you with this message and the smiley was intended to show that. Many apologies if you took offence, none intended.

Please keep up the good work in your posts.


Two Champion Chard Cases delivered this am. Cheers @Taffy-on-Tour.