Burgundy for drinking now

From the new list I recommend this. We have small quantities but hope to build on these over the next couple of vintages. I would be interested in your views on it.


Morning Toby,

Thanks for the heads up / recommendation, case on order :sunglasses:

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Wonderfully honest, fresh, unforced but focused and beautifully balanced wine which is utterly quaffable - a steal at £16.

Very much looking forward to trying other wines from Caroline Bellavoine when you list them.

Congratulations on a great find.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like it as much as I do.



295 12 x Bottle cases available. :dragon:

So around 140 cases gone in 4 days.

This seems to be gone already…

Toby said it was small quantities, but not that small, I just added 500 bottles to my basket.

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Looks like the total quantity available has increased from the original quantity.

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I’m not seeing it on the Burgundy page on the website?

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That’s impossible because I have ALL the bottles in MY basket! Dare you to checkout… :wink:


This and the Oncle Vincent cuvee are just so good for the price. I think the OV is worth the premium. Luckily I don’t need any more having got cases of the 18 and 19 of both, but if you are hesitating just get some, it is class in a glass.

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Try looking up product code BU76071 or the original link from Toby.

Thanks…just clicked on the link above and got it. I was on the website putting an order together and I remembered about it but couldn’t remember the thread it was on…thought it would be quicker to look up Burgundy but it’s not there…which is odd.

It’s the underground burgundy, hope you enjoy it !


I’ve put a couple in the basket. Really struggling to find much Pinot I like below £20 from anywhere…a couple maybe from Germany and Chile but the latter while nice isn’t anything like Burgundy.

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The £25 Dog point has wonderful tasting notes from Freddy and there is a zoom talk next month.

As I have banged on about Burgundy and how wonderful it is and new young growers should be at the top of our lists I have just bought some of the Caroline bellavoine pinot noir.

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I did not say this was available in small quantities.
Bellavoine pinot is pretty small.

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How do you see the available quantities?