Burgundy Believer

Well that was an expensive early morning forum check!

Warehouse staff will love me with multiple orders to collect…


Me too! However I’m relying on delivery to the frozen north so might be getting the dreaded email :cry:

I check several times a week, but not with any particular frequency, just when i remember and have the time. Despite this, and in what must be several years since realising that this type of release was a thing, I have got lucky only a handful of times. I almost always see a long list of “out of stocks”, no matter when I check. I like that TWS does it, and that wines you can’t buy in fact you can buy, but it is so frustrating to constantly miss out. Clearly though there are some members who are much more assiduous; I have no data at all obviously, but I strongly suspect that a high percentage of these limited quantity back releases are snapped up by just a handful of the same people who a) have a lot of time, and b) spend a lot of it chortling.


and c) wear a monocle, d) possess a white cat and e) stroke said cat whilst snagging vinous gems and f) lots of little finger splaying action going on, which almost goes without saying.


First stop: Fine wine cave !! often there are a few odd ends from tastings, and wines which are listed as o.o.s.

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Second stop a local DFS to find a comfy new sofa to sleep on for when my wife finds out how much I spent!


DFS is only a mile from the showroom


I think there is a Pets at Home across the road, if you need to sleep in the doghouse


I can recommend animals and small children for encouraging you to check the website at odd hours…


I think you mean: how much you have invested, pre-empting the rise in wine rates? its all about saving money :slight_smile:


Or retirement planning for those of us well under lifetime allowance limits


7th decade bladder! :wink: :grinning:

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I jinxed it…

Picked up a Produttori 2018 and a 2014 Domaine Bruno Clair Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Clos du Fonteny but there did not appear to be many bargains

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Did you get your Pataille? Mine hasn’t arrived but no email :cry:

Nope, that was the one out of stock unfortunately. Will have to keep an eye out on the website for it again and take my chances with delivery

Opened this one tonight. It’s a bit rough on the edges but the nose is attractive and the bit of dust on the palate helps give it body. There are some cherries on the nose and the palate has some fresh acidity. No violets here though. Good effort for an under 20 PN.


Not quite what I was expecting from a Burgundy Believer, apostate!


For the record: I thoroughly believe in the supremacy of Burgundy PN. If money was no objection, I’d drink Mortet, Roumier, Dujac and Rousseau exclusively.


After a few years of going exclusively elite Burgundy, I’m sure you’d be hankering over a nice refreshing crisp glass of NZ Savvy B! Variety is the spice :joy: