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I think that’s the crux of the matter. Any system which doesn’t get me what I want clearly has plenty of room for improvement!


I would note that last year both the Morey 1er and the Gevrey Combottes were restricted to 3 per person, which seems fairer than 6

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Getting hold of Roisín Curley’s wines are difficult but by god wholly worth while . :heart_eyes:


I see a.n.other online wine forum that I’m sure others are members of too was all over this:

Agree this seems a perfect option for “first release” listing


Wrong thread?

Sorry the Dujac chat starts about 1/3 of the way down the linked page.

My bad. I have very little interest in Champagne so didn’t read beyond the boxed quote above.

…and now your “first release” comment makes sense to me.

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In case you missed it



Thanks very much for highlighting this. The one that you listed is for London but there is another one, in Oxford, the following night, Valentine’s Day. The latter has swung it for Mrs T.

Oxford - Burgundy growers - Walkaround tasting

That is some line-up. Just need Amélie Berthaut to complete what would be, for me, a Holy Trinity with Sylvain Pataille and Jérôme Galeyrand. Really looking forward to it!


Whoever decided to put these slap bang in the middle of the half term week needs a talking to :rofl:

I imagine a lot of people will be off or out and about with family if they have school age kids

I also wonder why every single London tasting recently has to be on a Tuesday, is it the cheapest night to hire somewhere?


Our kids are now grown up, so hadn’t realised that it was half-term. That explains the hotel prices. Oh well.

Agreed. Pretty annoying to miss out on this!

Must be frustrating if Burgundy is your passion, but there are plenty of others available around that time.

Very true, maybe it is the wine gods telling me something, although unlike them to not encourage spending

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Pataille BR 2019 is up at 19 a bottle (vs 17.50 for the 2018). I think this is still a steal, the 2018 was completely delicious and punched above it’s weight. I only had 6 alas, remediated for the 2019.


Some Barthod Bourgogne has landed, Unclear whether it’s the 2013 or 2015 but either way, well priced and sure to be a cut above your average Bourgogne.

Domaine Ghislaine Barthod Bourgogne Rouge 2013/15


Gosh, I wouldn’t have minded a couple of those. The constant vigilence required by the drip drip of aged bottles is beyond me however. Somebody has done well though!

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Weirdly no bottle limit on these even though there were clearly tiny amounts available.


Wow, didn’t expect them to disappear that quickly! I ordered a couple, for delivery next Wednesday, so will be interesting to see whether I receive the dreaded stock discrepancy email.