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Burgundy Believer

Thank you @Rafa and @MarkC for replying and for your helpful advice. I’m persuaded to try one or two at Christmastime and leave rest for a few more years but maybe not too many more as you suggest.

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Dujacs 2020 now available at TWS. Fill your boots.


I wish. I am desperate to sell some wine on another forum, just to raise funds to get wine out of reserves. Would slip in a bottle of MSD if I sold some quick.

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Now OOS!

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Crikey! 15 minutes (or thereabouts) to sell out? How many did they have - one of each?


No I bought some just after 11am as I happened to be browsing new wines, so a couple of hours at least.

They always sell out pretty much instantly. Was noticed here and on another forum a bit earlier so imagine they got picked up in short order.

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Picked up a couple of the basic MSD and went for earliest delivery, to try to avoid the stock discrepancy issue that sometimes occurs, if delivery is delayed. I did consider the Premier Cru but it’s £30 more than last year, so decided to let somebody else have a chance…

Well done to those that got them (I missed out). A nice black friday deal :slight_smile:

Seems like these would work well with the new in-bond First Release format


It would seem that the maximum number of bottles limit is still too generous, whatever they were. Should there be a ‘maximum number of bottles across the Dujac range’ limit? Then those that cannot afford the GCs could maybe still get their hands on the villages wines.

It’s not really fair in a mutual arrangement that those who happen to be online at the right time get the rich pickings.


It’s possibly even worse when for once I was on at the right time to grab a bottle or two, but couldn’t afford to. There’s always next year (not)!


Maybe the bottle limits are not quite right, but I don’t think there’s anything unfair about being online at the right time. This just seems to be a matter of luck. For some wines the demand exceeds the supply however you divide it up.

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An odd number less than 3 springs to mind…same as the ideal committee size.


That’s my point really. It shouldn’t be a matter of luck.

What do you suggest it should be based on, if not luck? Lowering the bottle limit doesn’t remove the element of luck; it just improves the odds a little.


You’re not suggesting that use of the dreaded algorithm should be extended are you?:scream:

Well improving the odds would help greatly. I know luck will always play a part, but the playing field should be as flat as possible, and it seems far away from that when a relatively small number of members can clear out the stock in just an hour or so.

As for the algorithm, well maybe as a cooperative it should be published for total transparency? There’s only resentment and mistrust when it’s a hidden process.

Wouldn’t that help some members (especially those with more spare cash to play with) to game the system?


Maybe they should be balloted, like sought after whisky bottlings often are these days. But I guess this would just generate more work for TWS staff.

Luck, fairness, and odds - (reminds me of a song by Nina Simone) - are not the same thing, or things. What’s happened here wasn’t unfair. It was unlucky for some it seems. And what the odds were we simply don’t know. It may well have been a relatively small number of members; there may have been very small numbers of bottles. At best the number of successful members could have been increased by a factor of 3 or 6 and possibly still remain a relatively small number compared to 150,000 or whatever the membership is.

The workings of the algorithm have been kept opaque to prevent members finding ways to maximise their chances of getting particular wines. This seems quite fair to me. Nevertheless I’m not personally keen on seeing its use extended. Sometimes you just want to buy wine and know immediately whether you will get it or not. True, you can’t always get what you want (another song there) but there is always plenty of wine available.


I always have that sinking feeling when I see that there are 18 new posts on the burgundy thread, whatever it is I know I’ve missed it. Less troubled by this as Dujac is not one of my favourites. Like everyone else though I would like see it fairly distributed, by which I mean I should have got some😁