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A few new Benoît Moreau bottles on the site, showing as “Low Stock” but actually “Out of Stock”. Did anyone manage to pick up any of these or is this just an error and no stock has been released yet?

Hi all,
First time poster here, although I have looked back through the thread a bit. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Galeyrand Aligotes that are currently in stock. Are they a good introduction to the grape (which I’ve never tried), and would a 2019 be ready to go or would they be better if they were aged for a few years?
I’ve never tried (or maybe never been able to justify spending money on) Galeyrand’s reds when they’ve been listed, but these seem like a somewhat more affordable way to sample something by a producer who’s interesting, and a style of wine which is new.
Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the community @Rivet203

I’ve been considering that wine too. It’s a grape I really enjoy (normally), with an unfortunate yet all-too predictable preference for the good stuff - hey at least it’s cheaper than Chardonnay.

However, there only appear to be 2 vintages of that particular cuvée on CellarTracker so not sure whether there’ll be a wealth of experience on this. Maybe others have tried the domaine’s other bottlings?

For flavour profile I would trust Toby’s notes. I have an inkling it might develop in a positive way over a few years but it’s hard to say without trying one.

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I’ve not had these particular Aligotes but I have quite a few other Aligotes and loved them all.

Forget any reference to other white burgundy, it’s a much different beast. Crisp, clear sometimes razor sharp, refreshing and interesting.

The single vineyard Pataille aligotes are meant to be really good (I have some stashed away but not ready yet). They came up on TWS roughly this time last year and sold out in no time at all.

There is an incredible podcast (more of a documentary really) on Aligote which is well worth a listen to help contextualise it in burgundy over time. I first heard it a few years ago and have kept coming back to it.


I’m not partaking in these due to budget constraints, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try these. If you do try some, would love to hear your thoughts. Welcome to the community!


Ah yes, a very worthwhile listen. Sylvain Pataille also features on a more recent episode where he discusses his Aligoté wines:


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Yes that’s a great one too. I think the late Becky Wasserman was in the first too. That podcast series is a real treasure trove.

The other one I come back to is the Jasper Morris one:

The second half of this is a grand tour of burgundy. Magnificent.


Thanks both. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve also listened to the IDTT podcast on aligote (although only recently) and been interested ever since. I dithered and missed out on the De Moor aligote when they had it in a shop near me (it disappeared pretty fast), so think I might have to try the Galyerand next time I make an order. I’ll report back.


Oooer, I hope you don’t live near me. I snaffled the last bottle of a De Moor Aligoté in my local independent earlier this year :grimacing:

Lol, I live in South London, so if it was at The Sourcing Table on Bellenden Road then maybe… honestly I really had no business buying it (and smashing the monthly budget), so it was probably for the best.

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Phew! Not me :grin:

This Macon gorgeous.

Perfumed nose of honeysuckle, asparagus tips, red peach and lemon flesh.

Palette begins with the typical honeysuckle hay sunshine, that usually fades out to warm subtle fruit. Instead, the limestone kicks in with austere chalky lemon acidity, creamy lees giving balance like lemon meringue, finishing with taught red peach skins. THANK YOU :wink:


Glad I ordered a bottle with my last case!

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Château des Rontets, Pouilly-Fuissé Clos Varambon 2018

Opened yesterday evening although £26 is way outside my price for midweek drinking. Absolutely outstanding. The balance is remarkable seeming to tick all the boxes for minerality, honey, lithe acidity and length of finish. Looking forward to another glass this evening.


Put in an order for 2018 Pataille Marsannay as a proper introduction to Burgundy [red].

I did buy a glass of some indiscriminate Burgundy in a wine bar near Covent Garden last year, which proved to be the worst glass of the evening.

I will not be making Burgundy a regular habit because prices rise quickly past my price ceiling £30.00.


Whole bunch fermentation = can be stalky and unripe when young, I have no idea how the 2018 is (I suspect very good and it’s on my wish list - many thanks for the heads up ) However my 2017’s are only just becoming good now and were pretty awful when new.


I haven’t broached my Pataille Longeroies 2017’s yet, going to give them another year or 2 but will probably withdraw one from reserves around Christmas to see how it’s doing :+1:.

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The 2015 pataille Bourgogne rouges I have have peaked I would say, but are still very good. Agree that when young they were actually quite unpleasant!

Surprising! all my Pataille 2017 have been drunk and thoroughly enjoyed… but they were Marsannay village
Haven’t broached the Clos du Roy yet…


Not sure if you’re talking about the village Marsannay or one of the crus. However, my notes suggest that the village Marsannay was still a bit disjointed in early 2021, but the bottles I drank this year were much more integrated, smoother and were still very fruit driven which I liked. Only one left now.

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found my note from 2020!

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