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Burgundy Believer

Glad you enjoyed it.
The 2018 is very flamboyant. The 2019 has lovely pinot fruit in a more “normal” or classical register than the 2018.


What do you think of this rap on aligoté?!!
(67) Aligoté - Space City Somms - il Primo and Toro - YouTube


It’s very white, you know…


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also bought this 2019 to try.
had tried the 2018 but my bottle was off / not specially good, so am giving the domain another chance…

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We are just starting doing videos. So far we have concentrated on the Exhibition range. Most of the wines in this range now have videos.


I would like to see a video on the Perrault Maranges Loyeres 2018, explaining why this area in Burgundy has so much potential. Climate change has been a game changer there, as have been progressive growers who are employing different techniques in order to maximise the quality of what can be produced there. :dragon:

Hi @Toby.Morrhall @Kelly - I don’t suppose you have a clearer idea of when the Pataille Rosé 2019 is expected to arrive? Many thanks in advance.


Bottling has been delayed. We do not yet have a date for collection.



How was that? Where is it?


Pieds a terre. Good price relatively and i had voucher, 130, they obviously bought and cellared before the price exploded.

Deep heady nose of cooked and crushed strawberries, roses, touch of violets. Oak is delicate with notes of monkey nut shells, palette is more linear with stream of acidity, crushed strawberries, cranberries and boney tannins.


Wow! When I was looking around the last Burgundy EP time, I’m pretty sure it was about twice per bottle retail for ones around that age.

Yeah berrys have the 2007 for 275 pounds a bottle excluding duty and sales. The market is nuts. Nose was great 9/10, palette 7/10.


How was the meal? Pied a Terre was the first starred restaurant I ever went to.

9/10 for presentation and theatrics. They did the usual smoke in a glass cloche for a plate of quail. 7.5/10 for cooking and flavours. Some were outstanding.

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These arrived yesterday, which alleviated my concern that they might have been phantom bottles. I’ll try and get into one this weekend (which may be before the 19s come on-site) in case anyone would find it helpful.


Hopefully this might amuse you.

I bought some half bottles of this one.
I did not get on with it.
I told Member Services of my experience, they suggested that I find a home for it as the cost of retrieval was uneconomic. I therefore donated it to a female friend who has a great palate (I intend gifting her membership one day and some wine to get her started) and made an offering to charity to the value of the wine.
The wine in question was:

Talmard Macon Villages 2020 in half bottle.

And this was her unsolicited review (TN) that I thought that I would share with the membership.

“Oh my! I’ve just tried a little bottle of the above and it’s astonishing! Thank you so much!! It’s so oily around the glass and tastes of apricot stones, tin, burnt orange, bananas and something I’m not sure of. Oh, grapes! Those little yellow ones speciality ones I got from Waitrose. I’ll just sit and sip this knowing that XXXXX (her hubby) is only drinking beer this evening. Ha ha!”

My experience of this one was my perceived level of richness, which I found too much.
Given my friends TN, this significant divergence demonstrates how my infection adulterated palate was undoubtedly impaired. :open_mouth:
And my ability to taste is on the mend, but it is patchy!!
It is not always obvious to the taster, when their abilities are on the blink!! :confused: :dragon: