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Am I the only one who saw a load of new replies on this thread and thought “I wonder what I’ve missed this time”?


Nope :slight_smile:

Did anyone manage to grab some of the Pataille L’ancestrale this morning or was this just one of those stock bloopers?

The one morning I did not check! There has been a drop of some bargain basement claret as well…

I did not spy it but there again was not looking. I bought a case EP and note that in 22 months the price has gone up by circa 11%. Could be worse; could be better…

This uses fruit from within the walls of the Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet.

Such pedigree is reflected on the nose and, especially, on the palate. It’s beautiful, especially if drunk not too cold, so as to give the wine an opportunity to open up.

Bought en primeur, from an offer put together by amazing @Toby.Morrhall


That wine is now on offer at BBR in their January sale: Buy 2018 Bourgogne Blanc, Clos-du-Château, Domaine de Montille Wine - Berry Bros. & Rudd


Where the 20% reduction brings the price down to a whole £1.04 less than full price at TWS! (And you have to spend £200 to get free delivery.)


Jasper Morris’ overview of the 2021 vintage. Makes for good listening in anticipation of the Burgundy EP next month. Personally, I really like the sound of a return to a lighter style after the past few years.


Looks like an overall “pass” (or “buy if you must).

Great listening. Thanks for the link.

This from JR has me reconsidering my intended avoidance of the 2021 vintage. Burgundy 2021 – a return to classicism | JancisRobinson.com


Personally I quite like the sound of it. I’m a fan of lighter styles of wines so I think there could be some very nice stuff out there from producers willing to embrace that. Hoping TWS include notes regarding who has chosen to chaptalise and by how much, could be a good indication of the types of wines they’ve produced.


So do I .
If you are well informed there will be excellent wines to get ( if you can get an allocation).
As we know no matter what the next vintage will turn out prices will go up as they do every year.


If you’re willing to do a bit of digging, you can go to the secondary market now (today) and get better wine at cheaper prices. This arbitrage will eventually disappear.

That’s my rationale.


Me too. I suspect with the right research…

purchasing history and power, you should be able to secure yourself some nice bottles. My problem is I have none of the above!! No hard feelings though, I’ve never experienced the full joy of fine burgundy so won’t be missing too much.


The fun thing will be that many of the bottles that have been good the last few years might be horrid this time around

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Drool away



It looks as though only a couple of the wines at next week’s tastings will actually be available to buy (unless of course they’ll be released next week).


My guess is they’re likely to have been chosen to drum up interest for the coming EP campaign as it’s been a long time since TWS have released, for example, single vineyard Pataille wines for general sale. If they are planning on releasing these wines on the site I’d be very pleased though.


With the amount I’ve spent on German wines just lately it’s probably a blessing in disguise.