Bubble bubble toil ...and (probably LOTS) of trouble

My Mother in law has found a prince on a white horse and is off to The big apple for her nuptials in early October.
A Great Gatsby themed hen do has been organised for her in late September and I have been delegated the task of organising (& paying for :persevere:) the fizz/bubbles for the event. Now, as most of us know the roaring 20’s was a time for flapper girls and the discovery of excellent Champagne and most of what was drunk would have been on the sweeter side. I’m not inclined to
A) purchase Champagne as, not being unfair, but most of the ladies would not be able to tell the difference between a £3 prosecco and a Vintage champagne and
B) spend an enormous amount of dosh (see point A).
I thought I could go with sparkling wine cocktails, so I would welcome any of your recommendations for keeping the ladies on the night happy.
Also, what sparkling wine would you use?? I did think firstly this:

However, I find while it is a great aperitif, it looses its fizz pretty quick.
Maybe the societys Cava??

I also thought of this Limoux

The fizz needs to be nice to drink but also perfect for a cocktail.
Suggestions and particularly fizz cocktail recommendations welcome.

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WS Saumur for me. Avoid the Knopff Cremant


Champagne cocktail with a dry fizz over sugar cube soaked with angostura bitters and a covering of brandy - no mixing of grape and grain. Tres Gatsby. Wife’s grandmother who died at the age of 108 a couple of years back lived it up in NY during the early 30s


Yes, excellent, but fiddly. How many people are you inviting?

Everyone always recommends the Aldi Jura crémant, but there are good reasons for that.

You could just have alternative versions of Kir Royale: a couple of different liqueurs, and pour the crémant over them.

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Well, in the USA they were suffering Prohibition from 1920 - 1933, and if they had been drinking ‘champagne’ in New York its 99.9% certain that it’d have been Great Western ‘champagne’, a fizz of dubious heritage made in the Finger Lakes region of Upper NY State from native grapes and thus made sweet to disguise the taste, which could be further masked in cocktails…

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Works particularly well with creme de mûre (blackberry) or Sloe gin for something a little different to kir :+1:

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Well, I’m a sucker for a good Crémant, so - if the ladies can’t tell their arse from their elbow, why not go for…

Or a…


Or one of my favourites, and a little unusual sparkling (a Marsanne/Rousanne blend):


Add some Crème de cassis - and everyone is happy! :sunglasses::champagne:

THANKYOU, this I must try, I may then live to 108 :laughing:

I have some Saumur at home, I think it may be too nice for the ladies :expressionless:

Unfortunately my sister in law has done the invites and in true ditzy form will inform me the day before… I’m guessing 30, but I’ve literally pulled that from the sky. Thanks for the suggestions too, who doesn’t like a good kir royale etc…

I’m liking these suggestions, keeping it simple but good.:+1:

Me too and I’m only regretting not bring more back from France…:smile:

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The Dopff is underwhelming - tastes of very little

We might have to agree to disagree on this one :slight_smile:
We enjoyed it as an aperitif with smoked salmon blinis - liked its fresh green apple note and lively acidity. I agree it’s not the most sophisticated Cremant, but in my opinion a good aperitif and/or base for fizzy cocktails.

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Having people who cannot discern any quality in wine is a common problem. We have a family ‘do’ looming, and for the fizz I opted for the above from Majestic.
Did similar for my daughter’s wedding, and was complemented by the caterer on the quality of the Champagne!

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I have always wanted to try this and I think your occasion would be the perfect experiment . . . add some theatre to the proceedings!





Nice! A BT spritz. Are you sure there isn’t a sparkly version?


So is sparking water some new electrical treatment that I’ve not heard of before :wink: :joy:

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Pick up this for fizz cocktail ideas

I’m not suggesting anyone mix the BT with sparkling water … I’m suggesting you run that bottle through the machine? FIZZ IN AN INSTANT!

You missed my point; they misspelled sparkling in the advert.

Oh hah yeah I missed that! It’s not the only thing wrong in what is clearly a translation, click through the link and the description is pretty haphazard :joy:

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That was me @danchaq that missed the point! I thought you were proposing a spritzer rather than spritzing the BT by running it through the machine. Not sure either would have a great tasting outcome TBH :wink:

If these esteemed ladies are likely to be hitting the booze, you could always consider laying in a sparkling wine on tap. There is a Glera, which I’ve heard of sold illegally as a glass of Prosecco (Prosecco needs to come from a bottle). Without investigating further, I can’t comment on how much you might save, if anything. But it’s another option, and it avoids that guilty, serruptitious trip to the bottle bank to avoid putting out several hundred bottles for the recycling collection.