Bring out your crackling!

For my roast pork crackling, I score the skin in diamonds well, getting into the fat but not through the flash. I rub generously with rock salt and let sit on the side for to come up to room temperature. After a half hour or so I wipe off all the salt and accumulated moisture, I salt again for consumption and whack in the oven at a high heat for 20 mins before reducing and covering to cook as needed. At the end of the roast I uncover and let crisp back up. If needed I remove the crackling and grill for a few minutes to puff up. No oil, no boiling water. This has never failed me, always coming out crispy but with a firm bite.

@szaki1974 @Taffy-on-Tour et al, your turn…


After my previous attempt, at least for the short term; I’m done with recipes!!:cry:

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For what it is worth… I have done the following.

Bring joint up to room temperature, (crackling side up for all that follows)
Pat dry with kitchen paper,
Pour boiling water over… yes, guilty of this.
Pat dry with kitchen paper
Rub liberally with salt
Leave for 30 minutes
Rub liberally with salt
Leave for 30 minutes
Pat dry with kitchen paper,
Rub with oil
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
(In the meantime heat oven to max)
Put it in oven at max, turn oven down to 180 (fan)
15 minutes before end of cooking time, whack oven back to max
When cooked, separate crackling from roast and put crackling back in cooling oven on an oven proof plate.

My four year old loved it… she is the only critic whose opinion matters to me.


Please @Taffy-on-Tour, don’t be … 99.9% of this community would LOVE to hear more if your recipes … so please continue :blush:.


And from such greatness of pork crackling comes… the pork scratching.

NB use of vinegar…
I wonder how much pig skin the average butcher has to sell? :yum:
Beer is a natural and highly recommended accompaniment, but what wine would you choose for such a salty, scrummy, noisy snack?
I’m thinking Muscadet, an Entre Deux Mers or similar wine that goes with those quiet but salty scrummy fishy snacks.

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Yes to Muscadet! :+1: A Fino, or a saline Manzanilla would work too, as - I think - a zingy and young Gruner Veltliner.

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Feast your eyes …

… but don’t hate me when I tell you that we actually binned it since none of us eat it

Imagine being a guest that did like crackling… :yum:

Next time invite me… I’ll bring a bottle or two and help with your crispy skin!

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Heresy!!! :open_mouth::cry:

Haha… this is great because I’m forever after the BEST recipe as the OH bloody loves the stuff ! I can’t stand it !! Or pork scratchings etc… I honestly thought I was the only one !! I absolutely detest the taste of fat !!