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Bring back better boxes!


May I suggest a reversion to traditional design for the Wine Society boxes?
I’m not sure when the change happened (maybe ten years ago?) but the present box is not the conventional heavy cardboard sheet folded into a box, with a separate insert made up of interlocking boards to divide the bottles inside. It is something cleverer than that, where the heavy exterior sheet folds round into the interior and itself becomes the dividing insert.
The present version is ideal for the Wine Society management’s purposes, I’m sure, since it is a bit stronger than the older style. But I’m not convinced it’s so convenient for the Society’s members and owners. The old style was easily re-used for other purposes: one just removed the inserts, and then the empty box was available to be used to take stuff to the charity shop, Christmas presents to relations, rubbish to the tip, or whatever – or even just to stack on a shelf in the garage waiting for the day when one is going to sort through that pile of old videocassettes. In the new style, however, one cannot remove the bottle-dividers without destroying the box, and the box therefore cannot be re-used.
As we are told, “reduce…re-use…recycle!” And here is a box which cannot be re-used, and is decidedly un-green. Moreover, at a practical level, our local authorities, faced with landfill tax and tightening financial disciplines, are demanding more and more of us when we put our rubbish out every week (or sometimes, now, every fortnight). Some of us are expected to fit our cardboard inside a plastic box smaller than the Wine Society’s packaging: the old box could at least be folded up fairly easily, but the newer one means the laborious task of cutting it up into small pieces with a Stanley knife. Moreover, we miss the convenience of having a nice empty box always to hand for exigencies like the big pile of books which Student Daughter hauls off to university and back three times a year, or the leaf-sweepings under the beech tree in the autumn.
Wine Society: please can we have the old boxes back?


As someone who click’s and collects by foot (from a shop 10 minutes away) I welcome the strong WS boxes. Would hate to loose anything between the shop and my house.


The WS boxes are stacking up in my garage ready for the hoped for house move this year, not nearly enough yet but I will do my bit and keep the orders going in, could be a very expensive move !


However the knife is not needed. A bit of brute force will unhook the interlocking structure enabling flattening to happen. I am unsure how TWS boxes can be reused though as the integrated bottle separaters prevent this. So for me it’s the cardboard recycling collection.


The TWS driver takes the empty boxes if we leave them outside…


The old boxes had handles on the side but the last one didn’t. The handles are sorely missed when taking a case into my first floor flat, even moreso if collecting it from the shop down the street!


We have FedEx - who are the best by far around here - but can’t take back boxes.


Waitrose Lichfield have a decent wine box promotion, some reduced, some not, including the very nice When in Rome Nero D’Avola with £5 off.


Has anyone had the 6 bottle box recently? I’ve not had one in ages and today I must’ve looked quite the sight trying to tear it down for the recycle bin. Totally clueless! :rofl:

What's in your basket? [28 May]

There are different boxes used.

Some old style, some with fixed inserts, some with handles, some without.

An algorithm is used to determine the type of box you receive your wine in.



I believe the larger bottle boxes have a removable insert.


Perhaps based on how well you can think outside it! :wink:


I’d like to be able to take the dividers out of the box, and then use it as a normal cardboard box. This would be handy, and save me sending them to be recycled - and so be better for the environment, too. It strikes me as a simple, positive change.