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Brighton TWS tasting event 30th October


I was wondering if anyone here will be going to the “Bordeaux – The Perfect Blend: Growers Walkaround” tasting event in Brighton on the 30th October. I shall be down in Redhill at that time and it’s not too big a trip to get to down to Brighton for the evening so I may well book it. Oh and I do happen to love Bordeaux! :smiley:


Me and the obliging other half will be there, so will be nice to meet you, if you end up attending too! :grinning::wine_glass:
I am by no means a great Bordeaux lover. I, more often than not, find myself somewhat indifferent to it - so I thought this was a chance to learn more, and perhaps increase my understanding and appreciation of it.
Give us a shout if you are going! :+1:


I will let you know. I come down to Redhill around the 14th October every year and stay until mid December (to do with work) so I figured I could easily make this one. One hour train ride each way but that’s a good chance to read a book and less hassle than going up to London for the one there the previous day!


Absolutely! In fact, less than an hour’s journey - 40 minutes at most, I think?


Well I have to make one change which makes the time a little worse but still not bad; most of the options seem to be around 50 mins.

I might come down a bit early to be sure I’m getting off-peak trains then it’s only about £14 return.


Okay, I’ve just booked this! :smiley:


Excellent! :smile: Will be really nice to meet you, Mike. Maybe we can get in touch closer to the time via the PM…?
I work late on Tuesdays during term-time, but hoping a colleague can swap with me. I hate coming to these events straight from work. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


Sounds good, I look forward to it!


Just got the tasting details, @MikeFranklin. Did you? Even a Bordeaux philistine like me felt a bit faint looking at the list! Blimey! This is going to be one interesting tasting…! :+1::+1:
Looking forward to meeting you, too! :wink:


Yes I did. And I’m wondering if I have the time to sit and do some prep first… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I think I’ll have to print it out at work Monday. Is yours missing the map? Mine just says ‘map of Bordeaux here’ where there is no map!

I’m hoping to get a train to arrive in Brighton around fiveish. Must fire you a pm beforehand!


Mine didn’t have the Map either- just said ‘map of Bordeaux here’… someone forgot to actually insert it, I guess!

Yes, let’s pm maybe Tuesday day-time? Both me and the other half will be coming straight from work.

Looking forward! :grinning::+1:


I don’t know if this is typical but I’ve been doing a bit of research and, sadly, quite a lot of the wines (especially the more ‘up-market’ ones) are currently unavailable on TWS).


I think they make them available on the day of the tasting, first with 10% off for those who were at the tasting.


Hmm, you might be right but they state in the notes "The prices of the wines that are available for purchase can be found on the enclosed order form, together with information on discounts available to members attending tonight’s tasting. "

Not too critical though as I don’t have the money to do a lot of buying just now. I’m mainly interested in trying wines unfamiliar to me for future buying. Even if the vintage is different the character should be similar.

(Not to mention getting to taste some of the wines way out of my price bracket!! :wink: )


Had a reply to a query today from Tim at the TWS (don’t you give your staff weekends off? :smiley: ) and exactly as you suggest @szaki1974 most will be made available for ordering on the day. Though one or two, for reasons unspecified, may not be.

You can tell I’m a total TWS tasting virgin! He also gave all sorts of useful tips for a newbie like me. So thanks Tim!


Well, another cracking event from TWS - thanks to @Tim_S and the tasting team for a brilliant and fun evening, tasting some fabulous Bordeaux wines!

It was also lovely to meet @MikeFranklin in the flesh, and the three of us did the tastings together, which was good fun. We even managed to get Mike to join us on the whites and dessert tasting, though I’m not sure he’s ripe for conversion just yet…! :wink:

There were so many good wines, and my notes became more and more undecipherable as the evening progressed (there was far less spitting than initially predicted!!), but I can honestly say it was a privilege to taste some of the wines (my only Petrus, probably!), and to compare and contrast likes and dislikes with Mike. It was also a great opportunity to speak to the growers themselves, almost all of whom were friendly, enthusiastic and happy to answer all our questions.

Here are a couple favourites to start… I’ll add a few more when I get a moment:

From the modest, but absolutely delicious:

One of my other half’s favourites of the evening, and Victor (the grower) was a charming person to talk to.

To the sublime…

An elegant, well balanced wine, with the most gorgeous mouth-feel perfume and long finish. It won’t go on the Christmas list - but was a privilege to try! :ok_hand::ok_hand:


It was an extremely informative evening and great fun especially accompanied by @inbar and her partner. Some really fine wines were tasted and I’ll try and list some of my highlights when I have a minute.

There were two first growths coming in north of £200 the Petrus already mentioned by @Inbar and a St Emilion:

And whilst both were undoubtedly excellent wines and probably the best in the room I’m not sure they were over £150 worth better than more reasonably priced 3rd or 4th growths from the same regions. This issue has been discussed elsewhere but now I’ve actually tasted couple of these very fine but also very expensive wines I think I’m now convinced that whilst lovely they are not, for me, good value. There were plenty of wines below £40 that I felt tasted very nearly as good if not better to my palate. Still, I’m very pleased to have had to opportunity to taste something usually well out of my league! :wink:

And thank you again to @inbar and co. for making the evening so much more fun than if I had been on my own. Especially for my first tasting.


@inbar, I’m not sure if you are planning to take advantage of the discount for ordering wines from the tasting but if so I have noticed that they haven’t correctly deducted the 10% from the Château Ferriere, Margaux 2010 which I was going to order. They are going to sort it out but probably not until later today.


Already have :wink: Though nothing too fancy, mind you, as already got another order on the go, and a smaller one planned for December too. The Margaux 2010 wasn’t one of them, but ah! what a lovely wine it was :heart_eyes:
Thanks for letting me know… :+1:


That’s going to be my token very (by my standards) expensive one. So waiting for correct price!